what pans can you use on an induction hob

What Pans Can You Use on an Induction Hob?

What pans can you use on an induction hob safely? Did you currently buy an induction hob but are still quite new to it? An induction hob is entirely different from a conventional stove. So, how will you know the right cookware for your induction hob? There are a few ways to help you determine whether you are buying the right pans for your new kitchen equipment. Luckily, this article will help you learn the basics of induction hobs and other helpful information!

What Is an Induction Hob?

As mentioned above, an induction hob works differently than a gas stove. Induction cooking is a process wherein an electric or magnetic current goes directly to the base of the pan, heating food or liquid more quickly than conventional hobs as there is much less energy wastage through heat dispersal.

The Advantages and Disadvantages

Induction hobs have many benefits. An awesome thing about these cooking appliances is that the cooking surface stays cool, making it safe for small children to be around. What’s more, they are very easy to clean! All they need is a quick wipe with a damp cloth, rather than cleaning around all the fiddly bits on gas hobs!

Despite the benefits of induction cooktops, there are some negatives worth being aware of. Induction cooking can take a bit of getting used to as it is more difficult to control the temperature than gas or electric cooktops.

They are also often more expensive than a gas or electric hob, although they are more energy-efficient than their counterparts once in use. Induction cooktops can also be scratched and damaged if not looked after correctly, although the glass surface is usually hard-wearing.

The final point about induction cookers is that you need induction-compatible cookware, so if you have moved to a house with one of these, unfortunately, your existing pans will need to be replaced. Read on to discover which type of pans work on an induction hob!

Not sure which pans to get? Read on to discover which type of pans work on an induction hob!

How to Find the Best Induction Cookware

So, what pans can you use on an induction hob, and how do you know if your pans are suitable for induction cooking? You can find it out in a few simple ways:

The Magnet Test

The most important thing is that your pots and pans are magnetic. The heat cannot be transferred without the magnetic field, and you won’t have a heat source! Luckily most manufacturers include the induction hob symbol on any compatible cookware, but if you are in doubt, there is an easy test that you can do.

You will need a magnet – a kitchen magnet will work fine – and touch the magnet to the pan’s flat base and see if it sticks. If your pan doesn’t have magnetic properties, it will not work on an induction hob.

The Material

Alternatively, if you don’t have a fridge magnet at home, you can check what material your pots and pans are made from. Stainless steel or cast iron pans are perfect for cooking on an induction cooktop.

You can also check the base material—stainless steel cookware with an aluminium core or a copper coil best for induction. Cheaper versions of these pans may vibrate on the induction stove.

It is also possible to have non-stick pans for induction hobs as long as their magnetic base. Non-stick coating on pans can come away with time or become scratched. Placing pans in the dishwasher can also wear away non-stick surfaces, so if you don’t mind occasionally seasoning a pan with oil, cast iron, or stainless steel, pans will have a longer lifespan.

Pan Sizes

When selecting the best cookware, something to bear in mind is that the cooking pan must be the correct size for the induction ring. If the pan is too large for the induction plate, the electrical current may not pass effectively, and the cooking time will increase.

Some induction hobs have inbuilt sensors to detect the size of the pots and pans in use, and if this is the case in yours, you do not need to worry about the correct sizing of your cookware.

Another tip when considering induction hob saucepans has a flat base to work on an induction cooktop! A pan with a rounded base, such as a traditional wok, will not work!

The Best Pans for Induction Hobs

We hope this article has given you the information and tips you need to know on the best pans for using on an induction hob.

To confirm, do you need special pans for induction hobs? Yes, definitely. Many manufacturers make this very easy for you by placing an induction symbol on pans they produce. If a pan doesn’t have this, you can always carry out a magnet test, as a magnetic connection conducts heat quickly into your food.

In terms of materials, ferrous metals are usually magnetic and work best. Stainless steel, carbon steel or even cast iron are ideal and can conduct higher temperatures, heating your food efficiently.

Cookware manufacturers always produce sets of different-sized pans to have a pan that is the right size for the induction ring. Cookware suitable for an induction hob may come at a bit of an extra cost to other pan types. Fortunately, there are advantages to using them. For example, little heat is lost through cooking on this hob type, and the glass-ceramic plate is easy to clean.

So, going back to the question, “what pans can you use on an induction hob?” There are many choices out there as long as you do your research. Hopefully, this article shed light on induction hobs and helped you be more confident in starting to use your new appliance!

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