what can you put in a food flask

What Can You Put in a Food Flask? Hot & Cold Meal Ideas

Treat yourself to a tasty hot lunch or cold food, whether you’re at work, hiking or camping. Say goodbye to cold sandwiches and soggy salads with the help of a well-insulated vacuum food flask. From storing rolled oats to tomato soup, vegetables and more, food flasks are versatile food companions ideal for both adults and children.

However, what can you put in a food flask? It’s a question that many people tend to ask. Today, we will look at some lunch ideas that won’t require too much preparation. Read on!

Food Flask Meals

You can opt for hot food instead of cold lunches when preparing your favourite lunches. Note that keeping food cold is no issue, but satisfying your cravings without access to a microwave can be somehow impossible. And that’s where food flasks come in.

Thanks to this easy to use and versatile product, you can conveniently enjoy warm food, hot soups, and cold sandwiches. Although always ensure that you settle for a thermos flask with superior vacuum insulation technology.

That said, let’s look at what can you put in a food flask.

Warm Chicken Wrap

Sandwiches are an ideal way of enjoying a quick and nutritious snack. However, a cold sandwich tends to get boring pretty easily. But with a food flask, you have the flexibility to prepare a wide range of exciting meals, such as a warm wrap stuffed with chicken or beef with your preferred roasted vegetables.

To end up with the perfect chicken wrap, ensure that you wrap it up with some aluminium foil before placing it in the food flask, as it helps keep it stay warm for longer.

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are generally easy to cook, no matter which recipe you prefer. They can be prepared a night before your busy morning. All you have to do is to warm them and plank them into your food flask. You can add some tomato sauce and a few strips of bacon. Alternatively, you can pack a few slices of bread in a separate lunch box for your sandwich needs.

Chili Cheese Nachos

Chili cheese nachos are another excellent meal that you can take with you in your food flask for your lunch needs. Always start with the chilli at the bottom, then top it with your grated parmesan cheese. Or any grated cheese of your choosing. When done, pour over the tortilla chips.


Food flasks give you the flexibility of enjoying hot food whenever needed. And stews are no exception. Whether you prefer enjoying a simple soup with crusty bread or some steamed vegetables mixed with chicken, beef or fish on the go, then a thermos flask should be your go-to food companion.

That said, keep in mind that you can always prepare your favourite stews a night prior and warm them the following day. Then pack them in your food flask.

Sausage and Eggs

Standard breakfast items are sure to make great lunches too. Whether you love your eggs boiled, scrambled or omelettes, place them inside your food flask and add two sliced sausages along with baked beans and shallow fried mushrooms.


Pasta makes a great meal from lunch to dinner that you can incorporate in your favourite greens.

If you’re looking forward to packing your leftover pasta for your lunch needs, always ensure that you heat both the pasta and sauce up. Start by adding the pasta at the bottom of the food flask, then sprinkle a generous amount of sauce on it. And pack your preferred grated cheese in a separate lunch box.

Alternatively, you can also pack pasta salads in your to-go food flask.


From cold winter months to chilled afternoons, soups are great meals that can be used as a complete meal and accompaniment of different dishes.

For soups, always ensure that you heat them at high temperatures before packing them in your food flasks. Note that the key to enjoying your soup when you’re on the go is keeping it piping hot in a soup flask.

Macaroni & Cheese

Start by rinsing the macaroni with hot water. And place it in a thermos flask, then close the lid tightly. Allow it to sit for approximately 30 minutes, then drain out any remaining excess water. And add your preferred cheese mixtures.

That said, it’s worth mentioning that this is one of the easiest recipes that you can prepare on the go since you can pack all you need separately and bring a generous amount of boiling water with you.

Oat and Quinoa Cereal

For oat and quinoa cereal, always ensure that you slow cook the oats before placing them in your food flask. Cover it with boiling water and mix in fresh or dried fruits. That said, bear in mind that this is an ideal snack or meal for lunch.


One of the best meals to put in a thermos is curry simply because its flavour tends to intensify as it rests. It’s always advisable to prepare curry at the comfort of your kitchen a night before storing it immediately. Come the following day, microwave it and pack it in your food flask.


When it comes to favourite hot food ideas, meatballs will always remain top. Always ensure that you add a squish ban and a few slices of mozzarella. Alternatively, you can also use crusty bread as a dip or pack an extra split roll to turn your meatballs into an excellent sub.

Using a Thermos as a Food Jar

‘Easy to use’ and ‘versatile’ are terms that best describe any food flask. But did you know that you can use your food thermos flask for both hot and cold foods?

Moreover, thermos flasks can also be used to keep your cold desserts, smoothies or drinks cool for extended periods. Fun fact: stainless steel food flasks tend to keep cold foods cool for several hours still retain a tasty crunch.

With that in mind, let’s look at how a thermos flask can be used as a food jar.


Yes, you can put salads in a thermos flask. Whether you prefer a crisp salad or a pasta salad, ensure that you carry the sauce in a separate lunch container instead of mixing it with the salad, as this will prevent your leafy veggies from becoming soggy.

Yoghurt With Fruit

Your lunch doesn’t have to be boring. You can always pack a healthy side snack with your favourite yoghurt flavour and mixed fruits. Ensure that the lid is sealed tightly, as this will keep the yoghurt with fruits cool until it’s time for eating.

For this recipe, always ensure that you place the fruits at the bottom of the food flask first then, sprinkle a generous amount of yoghurt before placing the lid back on.

Can You Place Drinks in a Food Flask?

Yes! Food flasks are limited to hot food and hot and cold drinks. For drinks, ensure that the thermos is filled appropriately and the lid is secured tightly to prevent leaks or spillages. Keep in mind that you can fill your food flask with drinks such as hot chocolate, ice cubes, smoothies and hot water.

Lunch on the Go?

That’s it on what you can put in a food flask. We hope that the above article will help when packing lunch for yourself or your young ones. Keep in mind that food flasks are a great alternative compared to food jars.

They are not only portable, but also they can retain the heat of cold or hot food for more extended periods. That said, note that you’re not limited to the foods above since what you can put in a food flask is unlimited when it comes to foods and drinks.

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