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Our editors and writers are all aligned to ensure we publish not only useful but accurate and trustworthy information each time. If you do notice something out of place then please shoot us a message on our contact form.

Our Team

Nicole Hewitt

Home Expert

Nicole has a passion for everything about the home – especially decor. She loves to add new touches and style to every part of the house. Join her as she documents her ideas at Home & Style.

Tania D’Amico

Home Expert

Tania is a full-time writer and home product enthusiast. She loves helping readers not only get the most out of their home but to also pick the right products for their needs.

Emily Alexander

Interior Expert

Emily Melynn Alexander has a B.A. in English and loves writing. She enjoys accessorising her home with quality products that not only serve a purpose but also enhance the overall convenience and tranquillity of her living space.

Adam Wallace

Home Expert

Adam is a DIY junkie, he loves to fix up things and make improvements to the home. In particular, you’ll find him enthusiastically researching power tools for his next projects.

Apple Ly

Home Expert

Apple loves cooking and is a big fan of the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets. She’s also obsessed with keeping her house sparkling clean. Her contributions are full of value.

Gary Miller

Home Expert

Gary is extremely creative and visionary at interior styling and home decor. If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your home then look no further than Gary’s contributions

Editorial Guidelines

At Home Picks, we work hard to ensure the accuracy of our content, and also strive for quality in everything we publish. Our editors use their experience and research to fact check and make sure everything is as it should be. If you notice anything doesn’t seem 100% accurate or out of place then please drop us a message on our contact form.

We publish many types of content to help you with your home & garden, sometimes we also publish reviews of products. If you click on the links, we may receive some commission if you make a purchase. However please rest assured that this would never affect the integrity of our editorials, we never accept special compensation for higher rankings or any other kind of special treatment. If we say a product is good, then you know that we truly mean it.

Want to Write for Us?

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