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Best Induction Pans of 2022

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Top 10 Best Induction Pans

  1. Tefal C972S544 5 Piece (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Tefal Ingenio Set (Luxury Choice)
  3. Russell Hobbs BW06572 Classic Collection (Best Value)
  4. Morphy Richards 970002 (Best Stainless Steel Choice)
  5. Velaze Cookware Set (Best With Lids)
  6. Amazon Basics 5-Piece Aluminium (Best With Straining Lids)
  7. Swan SWPS5020CN Retro Set (Best Retro Choice)
  8. Tower Cerastone T81276 Forged 5 Piece Pan Set
  9. CUSIBOX Cookware Set (Best 6-Piece Choice)
  10. Amazon Basics 5-Piece (Best Convenient Storage Choice)

Inductions hobs are specialised cooking hobs that provide greater temperature control and generally cook food quicker. However, you cannot use any saucepan or frying pan on induction hobs. They have hotter temperatures, and the cooking process is a bit more complex. So, it would help if you had pans compatible with induction hobs. When searching for the right ones, you may notice that there are so many to choose from. This makes it challenging to decide which ones to get.

To help you out, we have compiled our top 10 picks for the best induction pans in the UK. We also have a buying guide to help you look for when buying an induction pan if you can’t still choose the right one from our list.

Read on!

How We Compared Induction Pans

To find the right induction pans, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Variety of the Set
  • Size
  • Durability
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Material
  • Lids

Our team researched a wide range of products, comparing their features against the points above and meticulously fact-checking customer reviews. The following list is the result of a careful selection of induction pans that would suit any kitchen enthusiast’s needs.

Discover more about our process here.

Induction Pan Reviews

Tefal C972S544 5 Piece (Editor’s Choice)

The Tefal C972S544 5 Piece Stainless Steel Induction Set has excellent features, including thermo-spot technology, to quickly get the optimal cooking temperature. This is our top pick for the best pans for induction hobs.

You will get two frying pans in this set, both with thermo-spot technology. There are also three pans suitable for an induction hob and two glass lids.

The glass lids have steam vents and a large handle. The saucepan and frying panhandle also have a hole at the end so you can hang them from your kitchen wall.

We like the power resist coating, which should help improve cooking performance and reduce sticking food. These stainless steel pans are also durable and look fantastic with any kitchen decor.

These are some of the best pans available, but you may find that the rim of the lid is difficult to clean. Also, the shape of the handles may not be the easiest to hold.


  • Has thermo-spot technology to detect the optimum temperature
  • Power resist non-stick coating for the frying pans
  • All five pans are dishwasher safe
  • Transparent lids to check on the cooking process
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel


  • You may find that the non-stick coating deteriorates over time
  • Some may find that the rim of the lids is difficult to clean
  • The solid handles might be tricky to hold

Tefal Ingenio Set (Luxury Choice)

The Tefal Ingenio Pots and Pans Set is another great option with brilliant technology for induction hobs, including a durable titanium base that helps provide an even heat distribution.

As some of the best induction pans, this extensive set includes two frying pans, three saucepans, removable handles for each item, three glass lids, and three hermetic plastic lids.

The metal components of this set are dishwasher safe, and each item is compatible with induction hob cooking. They can also be used for oven cooking and are safe up to a temperature of 260-degrees Celsius.

The frying pans both have a thermo-spot on the base, which turns a different colour to let you know when the pan has reached its ideal temperature.

This is a great set, but the name may be a little misleading – you only get five pans as the other pieces are handles and lids. Also, the handles of this set are not dishwasher safe, which means they require extra work when cleaning.


  • Each pot and pan has an extra-durable titanium base
  • Utilises thermo-spot technology
  • Compatible with all types of hob, including induction
  • The metal parts of the pans are dishwasher safe
  • Includes a variety of pots, two frying pans, lids, and handles


  • It might be time-consuming to clean as the handles of the pots and pans are not dishwasher safe
  • Some may find that the removable handles can crack
  • Food may stick occasionally

Russell Hobbs BW06572 Classic Collection (Best Value)

The Russell Hobbs BW06572 Classic Collection 5 Piece Pan Set has everything you need for your kitchen. It includes three saucepans, a milk pan, and a large frying pan with non-stick coatings, and the pans have glass lids.

These metal utensils look elegant as they are all made from high-quality stainless steel that has been polished. The lids are made from tempered glass and have a large handle that makes them easy to lift.

This set includes one frying pan, three saucepans with lids, and one smaller saucepan without a lid. Each item also has a hollow stainless steel handle that should be easy to hold.

The base of the frying pan and the interior of the saucepans all have a non-stick coating to minimise burning and make the pans easier to clean.

Unfortunately, the stainless steel handles can get hot, and despite the coating, the base of the pans could still stain. Lastly, the heat distribution in the pans may not always be even.


  • Each item has high-quality handles and bodies
  • The tempered lids have steam vents
  • The frying pan has a tough non-stick coating
  • Suitable for use on gas, electric, and induction hobs
  • Stylish and classic design


  • You may find that the lid handles tend to get hot
  • The pans might easily stain
  • The heat distribution may not always be even

Morphy Richards 970002 (Best Stainless Steel Choice)

If you want a set of stylish set of pots, the Morphy Richards 970002 Induction Frying Pan and Saucepan Set is a great option for induction hobs. The polished stainless steel base and sides give this set a professional and elegant look.

This Morphy Richards set includes four induction pans – three of which have tempered glass lids. It also includes a smaller saucepan with no lid and a large stainless steel frying pan.

Each item uses thermocore technology. This should help eliminate heat spots and facilitate even heat distribution when cooking.

We also like that the stainless steel is highly polished, which helps improve the durability of these best induction pans. They also feature stay-cool handles for safety, which means you can easily use them on a high heat and still hold them.

This is a great set of induction hob pans, but you could find the handles can easily hold condensation. Also, the part underneath the lids can be difficult to clean.


  • Includes three saucepans, a milk pan, and a frying pan
  • Uses thermocore technology to eliminate hot spots
  • The pans are made from polished stainless steel
  • Phenolic handles that should never get too hot to hold
  • The frying pan is a decent size for family cooking


  • The handles could build up condensation underneath
  • You could find the lip underneath the lids tricky to clean
  • Some food may burn easily and stick to the sides of the pans

Velaze Cookware Set (Best With Lids)

If you are a new cook or still consider yourself a beginner when it comes to having gourmet skills, then the Velaze Cookware Set is the right choice for you. This is mainly because of the durability and great conductivity of both the interior and exterior of this cookware.

It is made from high-grade stainless steel, which is why it is really sturdy and can distribute heat evenly, which greatly helps in cooking different types of food perfectly. In addition to its durability, this cookware set also boasts an elegant and fantastic look. Despite these features, the price will not exhaust your wallet. This goes to say that the Velaze Cookware Set checks all the right features: functionality, durability and aesthetics!

Furthermore, the casserole is made with tempered glass that helps in keeping the flavours and nutrients in your food! 

The downside to this cookware set is that while it is very durable, it may scratch up if you use sharp kitchen utensils with it.


  • It is made from high-grade stainless steel
  • It is ideal for both beginners and experts in cooking
  • It is durable and built to last
  • It includes a frying pan, saucepan and a casserole made from tempered glass


  • It may scratch easily
  • It may not be ideal for cooking acidic food.

Amazon Basics 5-Piece Aluminium (Best With Straining Lids)

The Amazon Basics 5-Piece Aluminium Non-Stick Induction Cookware Set offers something different and has a stylish black exterior and is made from silicone and aluminium.

This Amazon Basics set is made from cast aluminium, and the lids are made from silicone with a matching colour. Included in the set, you get a saucepan with a lid, a casserole pan with a lid, two open frying pans, and a smaller saucepan.

The three lids are made from silicone and have a specially designed rim that minimises heat loss and makes for easy draining.

We also like the comfortable bakelite handles that are easy to hold and should not retain any heat.

This is a decent set of induction hob pans, but not everyone may like the style. Also, the protective coating may scratch, and the material of the pans could be a little thin.


  • The silicone lids should be easy to drain
  • Each of the induction pots has several layers of a non-stick coating
  • The handles are comfortable to hold and have a non-slip coating
  • Oven safe up to temperatures of 150-degrees Celsius
  • Completely dishwasher safe, including the handles


  • Some people may not like the style of all the pots and frying pans
  • You could find that the non-stick coating can scratch
  • The material of the pans may be a little thin

Swan SWPS5020CN Retro Set (Best Retro Choice)

If you have a retro set of appliances in your kitchen, the Swan SWPS5020CN Retro Induction Pan Set will fit perfectly! This stylish set is available in five retro colours and uses a combination of aluminium and enamel.

This retro set is available in five awesome colours – cream, grey, pink, red, and green. The colours are pastel and will fit with a retro or traditional-themed kitchen.

You get three pans with lids and two open frying pans within the set. The lids are made from tempered glass and have steam vents to improve their utility.

The handles are also made from stay-cool material, so you should have no issue holding them when cooking at high temperatures. In terms of materials, the pans are made from durable pressed aluminium.

These non-stick pans are great, but you may notice that the handles are not the sturdiest, and the screws of the handles may need tightening occasionally. Furthermore, the exterior enamel coating of the pans may also scratch.


  • The induction pans have a stylish retro cream design
  • Each of the induction pans has a transparent glass lid
  • The handles will stay cool and should never get hot
  • The lids also have vents to improve steam venting
  • Available in five retro colours


  • Some may find that the screws of the handles need occasionally tightening
  • The enamel coating might scratch easily
  • The handles may not be the most sturdy construction

Tower Cerastone T81276 Forged 5 Piece Pan Set

The Tower Cerastone T81276 set uses high-quality forged aluminium and a host of other useful features that make them durable and easy to cook with.

You get a small frying pan, a large frying pan, and three pans, all with lids in this set. The lids are made from glass and have two steam vents. Also, they have a large handle that makes them easy to lift. Each of the side handles also has a hole for hanging.

The bodies are made from cast aluminium, and they all have a bonded steel base which helps improve heat distribution.

These are some of the best induction pans, but you will notice that the lid has a small gap through which a significant amount of steam could escape. Also, the non-stick coating may wear off eventually.


  • It has a superior Cerastone non-stick coating
  • The body of the induction pan and pots are made from forged aluminium
  • The handles are made from phenolic stay cool material
  • Each product has a bonded steel base for better heat distribution
  • Includes a pair of frying pans, and three lidded saucepans


  • You may notice that steam could escape from the sides of the lid
  • Some may find the size of the frying pans not ideal
  • The non-stick coating may eventually scratch off

CUSIBOX Cookware Set (Best 6-Piece Choice)

If you want induction pans that look like traditional copper pans, the CUSIBOX Cookware Set is a top choice for the best induction pans in the UK. The induction pans and frying pan are made from stylish orange-coloured aluminium and will stand out as a focal point in your kitchen.

Each item in this set is made from orange aluminium, and the lids are made from glass. You get four saucepans with lids and two different frying pan sizes.

The pans feature a non-stick coating and should be relatively easy to clean. The aluminium construction should also improve cooking times slightly.

These pans are suitable for use on induction hobs but can also be used in an oven and on gas and standard electric hobs.

On the other hand, the non-stick coating may not be the most durable. In addition, both the handles and lids can get hot, and you may find they easily collect water inside.


  • Includes a saute pan, stockpot, and two frying pans
  • Each of the pans has a ceramic non-stick coating
  • Made from durable aluminium
  • Suitable for different hob types, including induction hobs, gas, and electric
  • Stylish orange aluminium design


  • You may notice that the non-stick coating is not the best
  • Some may find that the handles and lids can get hot
  • The handles may also collect water inside

Amazon Basics 5-Piece (Best Convenient Storage Choice)

If what you are after is convenient storage, the Amazon Basics 5-Piece Non-Stick Induction Cooking Set is the best induction pan in the UK for you. The pans have holes in the handles for hanging, or you can easily stack the pans inside each other.

This Amazon Basics set includes three pans with lids, one small frying pan, and one larger frying pan. The saucepans each have a tempered glass lid.

The different pans are made from black aluminium and include a Dakin non-stick coating in the base. This should help reduce cooking mess and items sticking.

The lids should effectively trap moisture and improve cooking times, but there are no heat vents. Regardless, they should still be easy to drain.

Unfortunately, they may not cook the quickest on an induction hob. Also, you may gradually notice that the non-stick coating eventually degrades.


  • Made of durable aluminium for even heat distribution
  • All of the induction pans have a non-stick coating
  • The lids effectively trap moisture and steam for efficient cooking
  • The handles are made from stay-cool bakelite material
  • Oven-safe up to temperatures of 175-degrees Celsius


  • Some may not like the visible logo on the pan lids
  • You could find that they cook food slow on induction hobs
  • The non-stick coating may eventually wear off

How to Choose the Best Induction Saucepans for Induction Cooking?

As you can see from our top 10 reviews above, there are a lot of choices for the best induction pans in the UK! But, are you still confused about which to choose that suits your needs? Furthermore, do you need help picking a suitable set of pots and pans? No need to worry! We have listed some of the factors you should consider when choosing the best saucepans for induction cooking.

Variety of Pans

First, you should consider the range of pots and pans included in the cookware set. This depends on your cooking style, how many people you will cook for, and what meals you typically cook.


An induction cooking set will typically include several saucepans and a non-stick frying pan. However, you can find sets that include a stockpot, a casserole dish, and a milk pan. As a minimum, we would expect a set to contain at least four products. However, please note that they are typically more expensive if the sets include additional cookware.

Availability of Lids

Next, you need to check the types of lids included in the set. Unfortunately, most cookware sets do not include a lid for every item. Often, you only get a lid for two of the saucepans. It is rare to find a set that consists of a lid for the frying pan. However, this should not worry you. Many lids can fit the saucepans and frying pans included in the set. You can find lids from your older pans to fit your new ones if they do not.

Safety Features

We also advise looking at the safety features. For example, not all induction-compatible pans have lids with heat vents. Steam vents can help reduce overboiling and make it easier to drain the contents. Also, are the handles resistant to heat? A heat-resistant handle is a great feature and will help prevent burns.


Finally, what are the sizes of the pans? Do you prefer bigger ones, or would you instead go with pans that are smaller in size? You have to think about how many people you typically cook for when deciding. Do you love hosting parties and gatherings in your home? What types of recipes do you often cook? Ask yourself these kinds of questions, and the answers can help you choose the ideal sizes for your induction pans.


We hope you have enjoyed and benefited from our best induction cookware reviews. These are all great products, but if we need to choose among the best induction pans in the UK, our standout choice is the Tefal C972S544 5 Piece Piece Stainless Steel Induction Set.

We love the thermospot technology feature in this cookware as it can help you control the temperature when you are cooking or simply boiling. Also, the frying pans and saucepans are all spacious and great for family cooking. Lastly, the high-quality stainless steel design and glass lids mean this set looks fantastic.

Do you have other suggestions for induction pans you would like to share with others? How was your experience with these pans? What makes them stand out from the rest? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Share them in the comment section below!

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