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Best Decaf Instant Coffee of 2022

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Top 10 Best Decaf Instant Coffee

  1. L’OR Balanced and Aromatic (Editor’s Choice)
  2. True Start Barista Grade (Luxury Choice)
  3. Kenco Millicano Americano (Best Value)
  4. Nescafe Original (Best Full Flavoured)
  5. Clipper Latin American (Best Organic)
  6. Clipper Teas Medium Roast (Best Fairtrade)
  7. Nescafe Gold (Best Medium Roast)
  8. illy Decaffeinato (Best 100% Arabica Beans)
  9. Carte Noire (Best Delicate)
  10. Beanies 6x50g (Best Flavour Selection)

Even if you enjoy highly caffeinated coffee, occasionally, a low caffeine coffee may better accompany you. Instant decaf coffee, in particular, is highly convenient, can be made in just a matter of moments, and doesn’t require a trip to the local coffee shop.

Whether it is later in the day or you are simply a coffee lover trying to avoid getting the jitters, there are a wide variety of instant decaf coffee available that are more than ready to step in and satisfy your needs. However, it is not uncommon for instant decaf coffee brands to lack flavour, so finding the best decaf coffee option can be somewhat challenging. That’s why we compiled this list to help you find the best decaf instant coffee in the UK for your specific coffee drinking needs and preferences.

How We Compared Decaf Instant Coffee

To find the right decaf instant coffee, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Blend of coffee beans
  • Roast
  • Quantity
  • Decaffeination process
  • Packaging
  • Certifications

Our team researched a wide range of products, comparing their features against the points above and meticulously fact-checking customer reviews. The following list is the result of a careful selection of decaf instant coffee that would suit any kitchen enthusiast’s needs.

Discover more about our process here.

Decaf Instant Coffee Reviews

L’OR Balanced and Aromatic (Editor’s Choice)

If you are unsure where to start on your search for the best decaf coffee, L’OR Balanced and Aromatic decaffeinated instant coffee is a fantastic place to start. It has a delicate flavour profile and makes an excellent all-around choice.

This freeze-dried decaf instant coffee is crafted using Columbian Arabica ground coffee beans and has a level five intensity on the flavour scale. A balance of light, medium, and dark roasts are used to achieve the fruity and multidimensional taste profile.

This Colombian decaf instant coffee also has low sugar and fat content, consuming it on virtually any diet. It comes in six 100 gramme recyclable jars, which allow you to keep the majority of your stash sealed and fresh until it comes time to open it for use.

L’OR Balanced and Aromatic instant decaf coffee could be too delicate for some coffee drinkers, and it might be slightly bitter, but it makes a solid choice all around.


  • Delicate and multidimensional
  • Fruity and aromatic
  • Low sugar and fat content
  • Columbian Arabica coffee beans
  • 6 100g glass jars


  • It could be too delicate for some coffee drinkers
  • It might be slightly bitter.

True Start Barista Grade (Luxury Choice)

True Start Barista Grade instant decaf coffee is our top choice for a luxuriously smooth and rich option. It proudly boasts being a UK barista-approved brand, and its top-notch quality is evident in each cup of coffee you drink.

This instant decaf coffee option has a smooth taste that brings 100% full flavour to your coffee cup. It is freeze-dried, medium roasted, and doesn’t contain any sugar or calories.

The 500-gramme tub True Start Barista Grade decaf coffee comes in is great for homes with multiple coffee drinkers or offices. True Start is a Certified B Corporation. It consistently meets the most elevated standards of environmental and social impact, giving you peace of mind with your purchase as well.

You should know that this instant decaf coffee might be somewhat less aromatic and it could be slightly lacking in flavour, but if you enjoy a milder flavour instead, it hits the spot.


  • Smooth, rich flavour
  • UK barista approved brand
  • Certified B Corporation
  • Medium roast
  • No sugar or calories


  • It might be somewhat less aromatic
  • It could be lacking in flavour

Kenco Millicano Americano (Best Value)

With almost a century of coffee-making experience, you can trust Kenco knows what it is doing. That’s why we recommend Kenco Millicano Americano for its excellent value and quality.

Kenco Millicano Americano instant decaf coffee is known for its easy-drinking flavour. It is made up of a blend of freeze-dried instant decaf with decaf roast and freshly ground coffee resulting in a balanced finished coffee product.

Available in 6×100-gramme recyclable jars, you can rest assured your coffee will remain fresh for as long as possible. It is also responsibly sourced with rainforests, the environment, and communities in mind as a bonus.

Unfortunately, this instant decaf coffee may leave granules in your cup, and it might not be at the top of your list if you prefer a super-strong coffee flavour, but that doesn’t mean you should remove it from your list of potential options to try.


  • Responsibly sourced coffee beans
  • Easy drinking flavour
  • Excellent value option
  • Almost a century of coffee-making experience
  • A blend of ground and freeze-dried ground coffee


  • May leave granules in your cup
  • It may not be ideal if you prefer a strong flavour

Nescafe Original (Best Full Flavoured)

Decaf coffee don’t have to lack flavour, and Nescafe Original instant decaf coffee is proof of that. Thanks to its bold taste, it is our top pick for the strongest instant coffee in the UK.

To achieve a rich and full-flavoured intense taste, Nescafe Original is made with a blend of Arabica and robusta bean coffee that has been medium roasted and then converted into instant coffee. It uses double filter technology and a pure water decaffeination process resulting in a stronger flavoured coffee.

This instant decaf coffee comes in six 100 gramme jars to help you keep your coffee as fresh as possible right up until the moment you choose to enjoy it. This also helps lock in flavour and aroma and makes the packaging recyclable.

Be aware that this option might be too strong if you prefer more delicately flavoured decaf coffee, and it has a slightly acidic flavour profile so that it may taste a bit better with the addition of milk or cream.


  • Rich and full-flavoured
  • Medium roast
  • Blend of Arabica and robusta coffee beans
  • Double filter technology
  • The pure water decaffeination process


  • It might be too strong for some people
  • It could have a slightly acidic flavour profile

Clipper Latin American (Best Organic)

In our opinion, Clipper Latin American decaf instant coffee is the best certified organic option available on the market today. It tastes like regular coffee but can be mixed up in just a matter of moments with hot or cold water, whichever you prefer.

To make this instant decaf Clipper uses only coffee grown free from pesticides and other chemicals, including organic soil and crops. As a company, they are a B Certified Corporation and certified Fairtrade.

A blend of pure Arabica beans sustainably sourced from Latin America comprises the blend inside each of the six 100-gramme glass jars. Clipper Latin American decaf organic instant coffee is medium roasted and has a smooth and rich taste that tastes much like speciality coffee.

The smaller jars may not be ideal for more than a couple of coffee drinkers, and there are reports of some jars possibly arriving broken. Still, we think you can overlook these minor inconveniences if you search for a delicious organic option.


  • Certified organic
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Latin American Arabica bean blend
  • Medium roast
  • It tastes like regular coffee


  • Smaller jars may not be ideal for more than a couple of people
  • There might be a chance that the jars will arrive broken

Clipper Teas Medium Roast (Best Fairtrade)

The Clipper Teas Medium Roast instant decaffeinated coffee has a rich and multidimensional flavour profile that makes delicious coffee in every cup. This could be the best decaf instant coffee in the UK if you look for a fairtrade option.

Clipper Teas Medium Roast instant decaf coffee is not only considered fairtrade but is also certified as Climate Pledge Friendly, so you can rest assured it is an ethical choice.

This option comes in a 500-gramme tub which is conveniently recyclable, even the lid. The instant coffee granules are made from Organic Arabica coffee that has been medium roasted. It has a toasty and intense flavour profile.

The large container this instant decaf coffee comes in may not be ideal for occasional or single-person use. You may also want to use a bit more granules than the recipe calls for to reach the desired flavour, but it still makes an excellent, sustainably conscious choice.


  • Organic Arabica coffee
  • Fairtrade and Climate Pledge Friendly product
  • Toasty and intense medium roast
  • Rich aroma
  • Large 500g tub


  • Large container may not be ideal for single person use
  • You may want to add more granules than recommended

Nescafe Gold (Best Medium Roast)

If you prefer to drink coffee with a solid medium roast, Nescafe Gold instant decaf is our top recommendation. It has a smooth flavour that remains rich and drinkable, even if you take your coffee black.

Nescafe made this coffee blend with a level three strength giving you a well-balanced medium to mild coffee. It is made from Arabica beans that have been ground to an ultra-fine texture and then through a pure water decaffeination process. This combination unlocks additional flavour and helps the granules mix with water easier and quicker.

This instant decaf coffee comes in a pack of six 100 gramme jars that are recyclable to help you cut down on waste while also keeping your coffee fresh. It is also responsibly sourced.

Be aware that the Nescafe Gold instant decaf coffee may not be the best option for you if you prefer coffee with a dark roast. The smaller jars may also be not ideal for use in an office or home with several coffee drinkers.


  • Finely ground
  • Six recyclable 100g jars
  • Decaffeinated purely with water
  • Level three intensity
  • Responsibly sourced


  • It might not be ideal if you prefer a dark roast
  • Smaller jars may not always be ideal

illy Decaffeinato (Best 100% Arabica Beans)

Another fantastic option on our list is illy Decaffeinato instant decaffeinated coffee. While this isn’t the only coffee option made from 100% Arabica beans, we think it could quite possibly be the best.

This instant decaffeinated coffee boasts authentic Italian quality and years of experience. It is medium roasted for a mild and balanced taste in every cup of coffee you mix. There are also hints of orange and jasmine, so it is pleasant both with and without milk or sugar.

illy Decaffeinato instant decaf coffee comes in a 95-gramme tub, so you can test it out without having to make a big commitment. Uniquely, it has a 0% caffeine content which can be a huge perk for coffee lovers who want to enjoy the taste without a stimulant. We also love that sustainability has been at the forefront of illy’s business model for over 30 years.

While we think this is tasty coffee, it may not be the right pick for you if you still want a small amount of caffeine in your cup or if you prefer buying in bulk.


  • The mild and balanced flavour profile
  • Authentic Italian quality
  • Hints of orange and jasmine
  • Sustainably sourced
  • 0% caffeine content


  • It may not be ideal for bulk purchasing
  • The complete lack of caffeine may not be for everyone

Carte Noire (Best Delicate)

Carte Noire instant decaffeinated coffee has got you covered when it comes to a delicate and smooth taste. This award-winning blend is great if you love coffee that is not acidic or bitter in any way.

Carte Noire instant decaf coffee is crafted from pure Arabica beans for a delicate flavour profile and a balanced taste overall. It is roasted and ground in France by master roasters that outshine other coffee brands.

Compared to other decaf instant coffee, this decaf coffee has significantly less caffeine, so you can feel free to drink it later in the day. It comes in six 100 gramme jars that are also recyclable.

This may not be the best choice if you prefer a dark roast, but it is great if you like light roasts. In addition, the smaller jars may not be the best if your household consumes a considerable amount of coffee daily.


  • Low caffeine content
  • Roasted and ground in France
  • The smooth and delicate flavour profile
  • Pure Arabica beans
  • Six recyclable 100g jars


  • Smaller jars may not always be ideal for heavy coffee drinkers
  • It may not satisfy you if you prefer a dark roast

Beanies 6x50g (Best Flavour Selection)

Beanies Flavour Coffee is a great choice if you enjoy flavoured coffee, both with and without added milk or sweeteners. It comes in a variety pack giving you plenty of options and has a smooth and balanced taste.

This instant decaffeinated coffee comes in six x 50-gramme jars, each with different fun and unique flavour for you to choose from to easily switch it up on a daily or cup to cup basis. The flavours include amaretto almond, mint chocolate, creamy caramel, Irish cream, cookie dough, and chocolate orange.

The freeze-dried granules in each container easily mix into hot and cold water. When you are all done enjoying your decaffeinated coffee, you can also recycle the packaging, which is great to reduce waste in your home.

Beanies Flavour Coffee is great for the reasons listed above, but it may not be for you if you prefer standard coffee that is unflavored or super-rich decaf coffee.


  • Six fun flavours
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Balanced and smooth taste
  • 6 50g jars
  • Freeze-dried granules


  • It may not be the best choice if you prefer unflavoured coffee
  • It might be weaker than expected

Buyer’s Guide to Instant Decaf Coffee

What to Look for In Decaf Instant Coffee

Blend of Coffee Beans

The best decaf coffee beans found in instant coffee are Arabica and robusta coffee beans, or a blend of both. Which type of coffee decaf beans you prefer depends solely on your particular taste and preference for the flavour of the coffee.

Arabica coffee beans are typically a bit sweeter and have a slightly more acidic flavour profile, resulting in a well-balanced flavour. Adversely, robusta coffee beans tend to have a more powerful flavour profile with a bit of bitterness at the end.

Considering their differences, blending the two coffee beans can be quite complimentary.

a hot beverage inside a white cup with a silver spoon


In addition to the type of beans used, the roasting level also has a significant effect on the way coffee tastes, so we recommend considering it as well. A medium roast is the most common roast found in instant decaf coffee because it has a rich and balanced flavour.

In general, a light roast often has floral notes and a delicate body and taste. A dark roast is typically somewhat smokey and has a bolder flavour profile.


One way to narrow down your choices for a new decaf coffee is by considering the quantity that comes in a single order. Would you be better served by smaller packages that come in a pack of six or a larger single tub?

Suppose you only plan on drinking your instant decaf coffee occasionally and don’t anticipate sharing it with many other people. In that case, we recommend an option that comes in smaller sealed containers to help prolong freshness and aroma.

Suppose you are taking your new instant decaf coffee to the office, live in a household with more than a couple of coffee drinkers, or will drink your instant decaf coffee regularly. In that case, you will probably be better served by a larger tub or jar of instant decaf coffee granules. This will reduce the total amount of packaging, and you shouldn’t have to worry about it losing its aroma or flavour over time because it will get drunk quickly.

Decaffeination Process

There are various ways to decaffeinate coffee, and for the most part, non-chemical methods can generally be considered the standard these days. However, some lesser options may use chemicals in their decaf process that you want to avoid. We think the best decaf coffee use a pure water decaffeination process. The decaf process can also affect the amount of caffeine extracted, which ranks pretty high on most people’s list of traits to keep an eye out for when choosing the best decaf coffee option.


While this may not be at the top of your list of concerns, the materials used to contain your instant decaf coffee may also play a role in your decision-making process. When given a choice, most consumers these days prefer recyclable packaging options. After all, non-recyclable packaging only adds to the amount of waste your house produces. Conveniently, many of the best decaf coffee come in recyclable bins or recyclable glass jars, so recyclable packaging shouldn’t be hard to find.


Suppose you regard yourself as a healthy and conscientious consumer. In that case, you may also want to consider what kind of certifications a product has: this includes accolades such as organic, sustainable, ethically sourced, and more. Look for terms like Fairtrade and organic, as well as certifications such as B Corp and Climate Pledge Friendly to ensure you are making the right choice for yourself – and the planet.

What Are the Benefits of Instant Decaf Coffee?

Many coffee lovers agree that there is no comparison for caffeinated, freshly brewed ground coffee. Still, there are quite a few benefits associated with drinking not only decaf coffee but instant decaf coffee as well.

First off, instant coffee allows you to make small batches of coffee in just a matter of seconds. It also eliminates the need for a coffee machine.

Decaf coffee is easier on the stomach, and consuming it leads to a decreased chance of experiencing acid reflux or caffeine anxiety. Less caffeine is also better if you experience blood pressure or heart issues. Finally, when you drink decaf, you still get to enjoy a cup of coffee without as much potential for the jitters, especially if you have already had a cup or two of regular coffee.

How Much Caffeine Is In Decaf Instant Coffee?

So you want your coffee decaffeinated, but exactly how much caffeine do you want? Some decaf coffee still have considerable caffeine, so be careful when choosing which option will work for you.

Compared to caffeinated coffee, decaf coffee has about 40% caffeine content.

Is there any coffee that is 100% decaf? Yes, however, it is quite rare.

the perfect drink to start your day

The Best Instant Decaf Coffee for You

Our Editor’s Choice for the all-around best decaf instant coffee in the UK is L’OR Balanced and Aromatic. It is delicate and multidimensional and possesses a low sugar and low-fat content. It is crafted with Columbian Arabica coffee beans for enhanced quality, giving you a fruity and aromatic cup of coffee every time you mix it up. The packaging is recyclable, and the smaller jars help ensure freshness, even if you are only an occasional decaf coffee drinker.

Remember, though, that this probably won’t be the best decaf coffee for you if you prefer a strong-tasting cup of coffee without any bitterness. However, if you enjoy medium and light roasts, we think you should give this coffee a try.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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