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Best Halogen Ovens of 2022

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Top 10 Best Halogen Ovens

  1. Andrew James Premium ‎AJ000186 (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Cooks Professional (Luxury Choice)
  3. Daewoo SDA1032 (Best Value)
  4. Schallen 17L SCH1001 (Best with Accessories)
  5. Tower T14001 (Best With Recipe Book)
  6. Emperial 17L (Best Multifunctional)
  7. SQ Professional (Best with Extender Ring)
  8. JML Halowave (Best Self Cleaning)
  9. Quest 43890 (Best Small)
  10. LIVIVO Digital 17L (Best Easy to Use)

Selecting the best halogen oven involves some work, thanks to the number of options currently out on the market. You see, halogen ovens have become ever more popular in recent years, and when you know what they are capable of doing, it becomes pretty evident as to why.

But that does make your life harder when it comes to choosing the best halogen oven on the market. So, to make life easier, we have carried out several halogen oven reviews to help you along your way.

However, that’s not all we are going to do. Aside from looking at different halogen ovens that you can go out and purchase right now, we will also offer some advice on what to look out for when it comes to choosing the best halogen oven in the UK.

So, let’s get started!

How We Compared Halogen Ovens

To find the right halogen ovens, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Effectiveness
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Size
  • Accessories
  • Ease of use

Our team researched a wide range of products, comparing their features against the points above and meticulously fact-checking customer reviews. The following list is the result of a careful selection of halogen ovens that would suit any kitchen enthusiast’s needs.

Discover more about our process here.

Halogen Oven Reviews

Andrew James Premium ‎AJ000186 (Editor’s Choice)

For our first choice for the best halogen oven in the UK, we have the halogen oven by Andrew James, and if it’s not a name you are familiar with, don’t let that put you off. Instead, what you have here is a halogen oven that performs extremely well, and it also comes with a self-cleaning function.

The size of this halogen oven is 12L, but if you add in the extender ring, its size increases to a pretty whopping 17L. Now, that’s a big difference, and it does mean you can cook significantly more things as a result.

In this instance, the temperature control is via a dial on the lid. It does make life easier when it comes to changing the temperature according to the cooking process. There is also a second dial acting as the timer, and it goes as high as 60 minutes.

Once finished cooking, all you need to do is to switch this halogen oven to the self-cleaning function, and it will do a pretty fantastic job of getting those food remnants off the base and sides. However, you still need to finish the cleaning job yourself once it is complete.

Finally, you also get spare light bulbs and various accessories, aside from the extender ring. This includes different high and low racks, a baking tray, a steamer tray, and tongs. You can do all sorts of cooking with this machine.

On the other hand, it is important to note that this oven is not dishwasher-safe. This means that it will take you time to clean it properly.


  • The self-cleaning function is excellent
  • The extender ring makes a huge difference
  • You get suitable accessories with this halogen oven
  • The dials are easy to operate
  • It looks pretty stylish


  • It may not but be suitable for dishwashers
  • It can be tough to get a precise temperature

Cooks Professional (Luxury Choice)

If you want a halogen cooker that looks amazing in your kitchen, then this model by Cooks Professional could be the perfect answer. At 10L capacity, it’s not the biggest halogen oven on the market, but it still offers ample space for you to cook food for the family.

This is one of the best halogen ovens out there because of the multitude of ways it allows you to cook food. This model has you covered, from roasting chicken to grilling, baking, and an array of other options.

This model not only comes with the standard timer option, but it’s also easy to operate the adjustable temperature control on the top of the oven. Add in a rotisserie function and several different pre-programmed modes, and this model makes the cooking process a lot easier. Also, you do get several accessories to make things even easier still.

Unfortunately, like most halogen ovens, the Cooks Professional is not dishwasher-safe. Also, the rotisserie part is quite small.


  • It’s easy to control the temperature
  • It has a wonderful rotisserie option
  • The programs save you wondering what temperature to use
  • The accessories make life easier
  • It’s not too big, and yet still cooks a lot of food


  • You may not be able to put it in the dishwasher
  • The rotisserie part may be quite small

Daewoo SDA1032 (Best Value)

The next on our list is the Daewoo SDA1032. We have included this in our top 10 for a variety of reasons.

This 17L capacity halogen oven cooker comes with 1300W of power, and that’s pretty substantial when it comes to a halogen oven. That means the warm air is circulated with absolute ease, leading to more even cooking no matter what is in your oven. Also, it’s more energy-efficient, which is always a good thing.

This model comes with adjustable temperature control, and both the temperature control and timer are via dials on the top of the lid. Do be aware that the timer has a 60-minute limit.

This model can also be self-cleaning, so it does the hard job of removing most of the marks left after cooking. For accessories, then this model comes with an extender ring, high and low racks, and a set of tongs. It means you are good to go as soon as this halogen oven arrives.

However, it may occupy a lot of your kitchen space due to its size. So, this may not sit well if you have a small kitchen.


  • The fact it self cleans is always good
  • It is very efficient from an energy perspective
  • It has a lot of power
  • It is easy to adjust the temperature
  • The accessories are always useful


  • It may take up too much space for people in small kitchens
  • The lid can be a bit tricky to handle at first

Schallen 17L SCH1001 (Best with Accessories)

If you love your accessories with your halogen oven, then this model by Schallen could be the perfect option for you. At 17L capacity, this is quite a large oven to have in your kitchen, but it will certainly outperform a traditional oven with everything it is capable of doing.

This halogen cooker comes with dial controls for both the temperature and the timer. This is pretty common with most halogen ovens, and it does also have the usual 60-minute timer as standard. You should also know this halogen oven cooker has a self-clean function included, so it will remove most of those hard marks without you having to do it yourself.

But it’s the accessories where we feel that this halogen oven stands out. Not only do you get an extender ring, which is always helpful, but also a spray oil bottle, a mesh tray, racks, and tongs. They have you covered with everything here.

A common drawback people have with this halogen oven is that it does not come with a lid stand. Also, the glass bowl may feel light, but that does not mean that it is less durable.


  • The accessories are brilliant with this halogen air fryer
  • It does clean itself when you switch to that mode
  • The halogen oven is quite large at 17L
  • It is not as bulky as other models
  • It cooks things evenly and quickly


  • It may not come with a lid stand
  • The glass bowl may feel lighter than most

Tower T14001 (Best With Recipe Book)

Let’s face it, the hardest thing for anyone starting with halogen ovens is not knowing how to use them, but this halogen oven by Tower comes with a recipe book, and that is an excellent idea.

With a 17L capacity, this halogen oven is quite large. Aside from the recipe book, this halogen cooker does everything you expect from a halogen oven. That means it’s energy-efficient, easier to use than a conventional oven, and allows you to fry, roast, grill and a whole lot more from the one machine.

Be aware that the initial glass bowl has a 12-litre capacity, and it’s the extender ring that makes the difference and increases it to 17L. It certainly means you make full use of the space in the glass bowl, and this model comes with various accessories to make life easier.

Overall, this halogen oven is easy to use, but having the recipe book makes a difference in knowing how to get the best out of this machine.

However, you have to consider that the lid may be too big for your preference. Also, its heating part may get rusty after continued use.


  • The recipe book will be handy with this halogen air fryer
  • It’s straightforward to use
  • The extender ring helps make full use of the cooking bowl
  • It has several cooking options
  • It allows you to cook from frozen


  • The lid is quite substantial in size and maybe too big for some people
  • The heating element can get rusty over time

Emperial 17L (Best Multifunctional)

Another excellent choice for the best halogen oven in the UK is the halogen oven by Emperial. It is pretty impressive in what it offers you from a cooking point of view.

This 17L capacity oven also has some 1400W of power, so that is a touch more than you will get with other ovens on the market. However, you will only achieve that 17L when using the extender ring. Aside from that, it has a 12-litre capacity, which is often enough for most cooking.

The model has dials for temperature and time, with the usual upper limit of some 60 minutes. However, this halogen oven allows you to roast, cook, stir fry, steam vegetables, grill and much more. It’s surprising how many options are available with this one single halogen oven.

Also, the self-cleaning ability of this halogen oven is very impressive. In addition, the 12-litre capacity glass bowl is also straightforward to hand wash just to leave everything sparkling then.

A drawback of this oven is that it might be complicated to use first, especially if it is your first time using a halogen oven. Also, its big size may not sit well with everyone.


  • It comes with several functions for different types of cooking
  • The self-cleaning ability of the oven is impressive
  • The extender ring makes a huge difference to the capacity
  • It has a lot of power, meaning reduced cooking times
  • It is very energy efficient


  • The fryer part may be challenging to use at first
  • It might be bulky

SQ Professional (Best with Extender Ring)

If you want to own a halogen oven that provides you with some extra space when required, then this model by SQ Professional can fit the bill. It starts with a 12-litre capacity and increases up to 17L with the ring. It is so easy to put together.

Powered by 1400W, that means that this model cuts cooking time compared to a more normal oven. In this sense, it works similarly to an air fryer, and it’s going to produce excellent results every single time.

But one other thing we love about this model is the protective basket that sits around the glass bowl. The glass gets exceptionally hot, so this is a nice additional safety feature you don’t usually see on other models. Overall, this model is so easy to use, and it delivers fantastic food, so what’s not to love about it all?

While this can be the best halogen oven in the UK, it does come with some disadvantages. The lid might be less durable than other models, and it does not come with a lid stand.


  • The protective basket is brilliant
  • The ring works very well at increasing capacity
  • The dials are efficient enough
  • It works like an air fryer, delivering the same results
  • It’s easy to clean


  • The lid may feel somewhat fragile
  • It might not come with a lid stand

JML Halowave (Best Self Cleaning)

Nobody wants to stand for ages trying to get every speck of food off a glass bowl, and this halogen oven by JML is designed to do so much of the hard work on your behalf. This model does all the stuff you would expect, from acting as an air fryer to grilling, steaming, and a whole lot more, but it’s the cleaning aspect we love.

You need to add detergent and set it to the clean function. It creates a powerful vortex that gets most grime and food off the glass. All that’s left for you to do is to go ahead then and rinse it all by hand.

You also get a protective basket, which stops you from burning yourself if you get too close.

Overall, this is a whole lot more than just an air fryer. It allows you to indulge in all types of cooking and then pretty much cleans up after you!

However, please note that this oven may not be dishwasher-safe. Also, the metal clips may degrade after continued use, requiring extra care.


  • It self cleans better than so many other options
  • The protective basket is useful
  • It cooks food in a fraction of the time compared to your usual oven
  • It takes up little space
  • The dials work with ease


  • The metal clips could degrade over time
  • It might not be dishwasher-safe

Quest 43890 (Best Small)

If you are worried about space, it doesn’t mean you should miss out on owning a halogen oven. Instead, this option by Quest can still deliver a 12-litre capacity, achieving it without being too bulky.

Powered with 1400W, your stir fry or roast chicken will take a fraction of the time to cook, and it’s easy to get perfect results every time. This model is also viewed as very energy efficient, as it cooks in 60% less time than standard methods. That means the 60-minute timer that comes with the model is perfect, even with chicken.

The model doesn’t go big on accessories, but it still offers you racks to cook different things simultaneously. Overall, the size helps this model stand out from the crowd.

However, even at 12L, it may still be too big for some people. Also, the glass bowl might not be as durable, so you have to be careful when handling and cleaning it.


  • It is compact but still has enough cooking space
  • It cooks faster than normal
  • It is efficient when it comes to energy
  • It has 1400W of power, which is more than the average halogen oven
  • It comes with racks to allow you to cook more than one thing


  • You might need to be careful when cleaning the glass bowl, as it may be a bit fragile
  • The cleaning aspect may not be as good as other models

LIVIVO Digital 17L (Best Easy to Use)

If you are concerned about a digital halogen oven being tough to use, then don’t be. The LIVIVO Digital 17L model makes life so much easier, and it’s capable of delivering excellent results time and time again.

With a 17L capacity, this model will cook things up to 25% faster than other options, and it’s easy to control the temperature and timer to get those perfect results. However, this model does come with a longer timer than most models. It is set at 180 minutes rather than the usual 60 minutes.

Adding high and low racks also allows you to cook more than one thing at a time, and it has the power and capability to do this. The whole appliance is also straightforward to maintain, thanks to it being able to self-clean, and this is certainly something you want to use.

The digital controls are simple, and it does have a 60-minute auto shut-off, which is a nice additional safety feature. Add in a plethora of accessories, and this halogen oven offers you so much when it comes to cooking.

On the other hand, this oven may not come with a hinged lid. Also, it takes more time to warm up, so you may need to be more patient in this area.


  • The extended timer provides you with more cooking options
  • It has a self-cleaning option
  • It has an auto shut off as a safety feature
  • The digital controls are easy to operate
  • It has a large capacity thanks to an extending ring


  • It may take quite a while to warm up.
  • It may not have a hinged lid.

How Halogen Ovens Work

While you may be used to using a gas oven, or even a microwave oven, you may not be familiar with how most halogen ovens cook food. Well, to start, it is a bit different from your conventional oven.

The halogen oven consists of a glass cooking bowl, a halogen bulb, and a fan within the lid. You place your food in the glass bowl, along with any accessories you plan on using, and then switch it on.

The halogen oven throws out infrared light from the halogen bulb, acting as the heating element. The fan then takes the heat generated by the heating element and disperses it around the glass bowl. It is that movement of hot air that cooks the food. This is how halogen ovens work.

Why Get a Halogen Oven? A Buyer’s Guide

So those are our top picks for the best halogen oven in the UK. However, why would you want to go ahead and use a halogen oven as opposed to other cooking methods, such as a normal conventional oven? You see, there are many reasons why this is the best cooking method.

The Array of Cooking Options

First, the number of different cooking modes available via halogen ovens is impressive. Not only will it keep food warm, but a halogen oven can roast chicken, steam vegetables, act as an air fryer, and it also comes with a grilling rack for meat, fish, or vegetables.

Add in that you can bake with the correct accessories in place, and this halogen oven can do all sorts of things, being very compact itself.

a delicious meal being cooked on a kitchen equipment

The Cleaning

Let’s be honest here; cleaning a regular oven is not easy. Conventional ovens are a nightmare to clean, and most of us will leave cleaning our conventional ovens until the very last moment. At that point, it becomes even harder.

The same difficulty does not apply to a halogen cooking pot. The best halogen oven out there is one that cleans itself. By that, we mean it has a special function that allows it to swirl the water around using heat and power, and it’s amazing how much grime they manage to get off.

However, be aware that you cannot put the heat-resistant glass bowl cannot be put in the dishwasher. It will probably crack if you do this, and then that’s your halogen oven unable to be used. To be honest, the self-cleaning feature on a halogen oven has to be one of the best things about it.

Controlling Temperature and Time

Each oven comes with variable temperature control, and that will either be via a digital control panel or a temperature dial. No matter which one you have, setting the cooking time and adjusting the temperature is easy.

But be aware that digital halogen ovens may have more options for that variable temperature control. They offer more precision than a premium halogen oven with a timer dial.

Ease of Use

There’s no doubt that a halogen oven is very easy to use, so anybody can get involved in halogen oven cooking without too many problems. All you need to do is learn how long certain things take to cook in a decent halogen oven, then set up the temperature dial and timer dial, and you are good to go.

Awesome Features of a Halogen Oven

A halogen oven has several features that you do not typically find in traditional ovens. Let’s take a look at some of them below.


First, there’s the speed. Most halogen ovens come with a 60-minute timer because that’s all the time most things take before you have perfectly cooked food. That is because it works like you will air-fry things, and that’s not possible with a traditional oven.

an equipment for cooking

Even roasting chicken in a halogen oven will result in substantially less cooking time than a normal oven. Also, the time doesn’t vary between large halogen ovens and other smaller halogen ovens. It’s all to do with the heat, and that’s the same no matter the model you own.

Also, you need little or no oil, as halogen ovens heat the food via infrared and heat instead of frying. So, put that oil bottle away, as there’s little to no need for you to be continually opening the oil bottle to top things up.

So, the best halogen ovens on the market give you a healthier way to cook food. They are energy efficient, and halogen ovens allow you to control the cooking time perfectly. It is a fantastic way of cooking.


One huge difference between a standard oven and a halogen oven cooker has to be the accessories. A halogen oven has an array of accessories you can use at different times, changing how you cook different homemade recipes.

Digital or Manual?

The final point is whether you should opt for a digital control panel or a manual version. While a digital halogen oven does give you greater control, it’s not always necessary.

A digital halogen oven does tend to come with several modes. These modes control the hot air temperature in the halogen oven, and it also saves you from dealing with the timer part on your own. That does mean they are extremely easy to use.

But if you are not too concerned about having different cooking modes, since you are fine with setting your own cooking time, then a digital option may not always be for you.

What to Think About Before Choosing a Halogen Oven Cooker

We would like you to think about several points when deciding the best halogen oven for your needs. Ultimately, this is the part where you can come to some conclusions as to the key features you want in your oven.

  • Capacity. One thing we must stress is capacity. Most halogen oven cookers are 12L, and with a ring, they extend to 17L. However, not everyone has this expanding option. That is certainly something to think about.
  • Self-cleaning. Also, almost every single option can self-clean. That’s another thing you don’t have to worry about too much.
  • Accessories. But the areas where you need to focus are largely connected to accessories, ease of use, and the general space they take up.
  • Timer and Temperature Controls. Most come with a 60-minute timer, but that is not exclusively the case. Also, you tend to find the temperature aspect has the same range of options across different halogen ovens. However, it’s the way you control the different temperatures. Think about how important it is to have an absolute precise temperature. If that is important, then a digital panel is the best option. But it’s generally the case that an approximation with the temperature will be enough for your cooking.
  • Lid. ;Lastly, we have to mention the lid. If you worry about how heavy the lid is, then look at getting a model with a hinged lid. They are rarer, but they are out there. Also, the lid does get exceptionally hot since the heat comes from there. So, think about whether a lid holder is a helpful addition. Do note that not every option does come with a lid holder, so check the details before you make your purchase.

Realising that so many halogen ovens are the same allows you to focus on the small details instead. Once you notice that this is the case, finding the perfect one for your needs becomes a whole lot easier.

Hassle-Free Cooking

With so many options out there for choosing the best halogen oven in the UK, we understand why you may take some time to reach your decision. However, for us, there’s no doubt that one of our favourite halogen ovens has to be our editor’s choice, the Andrew James Premium ‎AJ000186.

This model of halogen oven offers everything you could ever want from halogen cooking, and the fact it also has that self-cleaning feature is just another bonus. It makes halogen cooking very easy, and the fact the extender ring turns it from a small halogen oven into something substantially bigger in size is also pretty cool.

However, do take your time to run through the different tips we mentioned above regarding your search for the right halogen cooker for you. Then, run through our different halogen cooker reviews once again to find the one that offers the best cooking methods for your needs. We are sure there will be the ideal solution out there waiting for you.

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