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Best Electric Cool Boxes of 2022

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Top 10 Best Electric Cool Boxes

  1. Mobicool MT48W (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Alpicool K25 (Luxury Choice)
  3. Mobicool MM24 DC (Best Value)
  4. iceQ 32CBB (Best Practical)
  5. Alpicool C20 (Best Energy Saving)
  6. Mobicool MQ40W (Best With Wheels)
  7. AEG Automotive 10695 (Best Small)
  8. Berg 45 (Best Large)
  9. VonShef 22 (Best Plug-In)
  10. Dometic Bordbar TB 15 (Best for Cars)

Whether you’re travelling for work or pleasure, the best electric cool box will ensure your food and drinks stay cold even during hot summer months. From picnics to food shopping, lunch on the road or a refreshingly chilled drink in the great outdoors, you’ll wonder how you managed without an electric cool box. Here’s how to choose the best one for your needs. 

How We Compared Electric Cool Boxes

To find the right electric cool boxes, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Capacity
  • Power source AC/DC
  • Temperature
  • Portability

Our team researched a wide range of products, comparing their features against the points above and meticulously fact-checking customer reviews. The following list is the result of a careful selection of electric cool boxes that would suit any kitchen enthusiast’s needs.

Discover more about our process here.

Electric Cool Box Reviews

Mobicool MT48W (Editor’s Choice)

The Mobicool MT48W combines extra strong insulation with a sturdy outer to ensure that your food and drinks stay colder for longer. Thanks to its excellent performance, design and affordability, it’s our overall favourite and editor’s choice. 

This cool box has a generous 48L capacity, making it ideal for family days out and short trips away, as well as stocking up your fridge freezer. It has a handy removable divider inside for better organisation, and it can even fit standard two-litre bottles standing upright. The split lid ensures that you can easily access the contents while minimising cold loss.

Thanks to its dual-fan system, heavy-duty insulation and sturdy exterior, this cool box is capable of keeping your items at temperatures up to 16°C below the ambient temperature. A must for hot summer days! Its dual voltage system means you can plug it into your vehicle’s 12V supply or plug it into mains power, while the handy cable storage compartment ensures you’ll always have the right cable to hand.

Note that the Mobicool MT48W may require a European plug adapter to be used with UK mains power. While you won’t notice it running in your car boot, it may seem a little noisy if you are running it overnight in your camper or hotel room.


  • 48L capacity
  • Dual voltage system
  • Pull-out & side handles
  • Split lid with double fan system
  • Two wheels, pull-out & side handles


  • May need a plug adapter
  • It may be a little noisy

Alpicool K25 (Luxury Choice)

The K25 by Alpicool is our top luxury choice, ideal for chilling as well as keeping your food and drinks cold. This 2-in-1 mini fridge is packed with advanced energy-saving features to ensure that you have highly effective cooling for the duration of your trip.

The K25 has a good-sized 25L capacity, spacious enough to hold up to 44 small drinks cans, making it ideal for all of your food and drink when you’re on the go. It has a dual voltage system and comes complete with a three-pin UK plug and cable, as well as a 12V version for use in your car. Thanks to its car battery protection system, complete with three levels and a temperature memory function, you won’t have to worry about your battery running flat, despite its impressive cooling power.

This is one of the best electric cool boxes with an eco mode to further save energy, meaning you can set it to cycle on and off to maintain your set temperature. You can control the unit via the LED control panel or the handy Bluetooth app. With its temperature range of 20° to -20° and an average cooling time of just 15 minutes to go from 20°C to 0°C, this electric cool box is ideal for not just keeping your food and drink cold but also actually chilling and even keeping ice frozen.

On the downside, the quality control process could be improved. Also, the branding may not be as stylish as that on premium cool boxes. 


  • 25L capacity
  • Car battery protection
  • 20°C to -20°C temperature range
  • Dual voltage system
  • LCD control panel & internal light


  • Quality control could be improved
  • It may not look as good as premium models

Mobicool MM24 DC (Best Value)

If you are looking for a basic electric cool box, the Mobicool MM24 DC is a great budget option, ideal for day trips out or for keeping your food from spoiling when making summer trips to the supermarket.

This 20L cool box has plenty of space while remaining compact enough to fit securely behind your driver’s or passenger seat. To give you a better idea of its capacity, it can hold up to 32 standard-sized cans or five 1.5L bottles – plenty of cold drinks for the entire family. 

Capable of cooling up to 15 degrees Celsius below room temperature, this cool box simply plugs into your car cigarette lighter socket via the included cable. The detachable lid locks securely in place, and once chilled, the high-quality insulation will keep your food and drinks cool for hours, even without power.

This cool box does not have a dual voltage system, so it is less suitable for overnight use, although you could buy a mains adapter. Unfortunately, the locking handle may trap the cable when you open and close it.


  • 21L capacity
  • Detachable locking lid
  • Cools up to 15°C below ambient temperature
  • It fits behind your car’s front seat
  • High-quality insulation for use without power


  • It may be less suitable for overnight use
  • The handle could be better designed

iceQ 32CBB (Best Practical)

The iceQ 32CBB is our most practical choice as it features both cooling and heating functions to keep your food chilled or warm. Whether you are planning a warm meal after a winter’s hike or a cool drink after a hot summer day trip, it’s a highly versatile model.

This cool box features a thermoelectric cooling system that allows you to cool your food and drinks up to 20 degrees C below the ambient temperature. With its quiet cooling fan and strong carry handle, this compact and lightweight electric cool box is a popular choice to enjoy fresh food away from home.

Thanks to its dual voltage system, this model can be powered via mains power or your vehicle’s 12V socket. It comes complete with a standard UK three-pin plug and cable, as well as a 12V one. Both power cables store neatly in the dedicated compartment in the lid. Choose between two cooling modes, power-saving eco mode to keep your chilled food cold using a minimum of power or max mode to ensure constant maximum cooling capacity.

On the downside, this cool box may accommodate less than other standard 32L electric cool boxes, given its relatively small internal dimensions. Also, when used on a 12V supply, it may be fairly noisy.


  • 32L capacity
  • Cooling & heating functions
  • Dual voltage system
  • Power-saving eco mode
  • Sturdy carry handle


  • May not hold full 32 litres
  • It may be noisy on 12V supply

Alpicool C20 (Best Energy Saving)

Not only is the Alpicool C20 our top energy-saving electric cool box, but it can also be used as a portable freezer. That is why it is ideal for your trips away as well as keeping frozen food safely on your way back from the supermarket in summer.

With its 20L capacity, this cool box can chill up to 30 standard 330ml cans or nine wine bottles, meaning you’ll have plenty of space for all of your chilled food and drinks for several days. Thanks to its eco-saving mode that cycles power on and off to maintain the internal temperature and its three levels of battery protection, this is one of the best energy-saving cool boxes around. 

The Alpicool C20 has an impressive temperature range from 20 degrees C right down to -20 degrees C, so you can even use it as a freezer. Its LCD touch control panel makes it easy to use, while the USB allows you to also charge up your electronic gadgets while you’re on the go, making this model the best electric cool box for camping. A three-pin UK mains plug and cable, as well as a 12V one for your vehicle, are included with this dual voltage model.

Unfortunately, the insulation could be improved on this electric cool box; however, you can keep it running for longer thanks to its energy-saving design. Also, the instructions could be more user friendly, although the unit itself is very easy to use.


  • 20L capacity
  • Temperature range: 20 to -20°C
  • Three levels of battery protection
  • Energy-saving Eco mode
  • LCD touch control panel


  • Insulation could be improved
  • Instructions could be more user-friendly

Mobicool MQ40W (Best With Wheels)

The Mobicool MQ40W makes transporting large quantities of chilled food and drinks nice and easy thanks to its sturdy wheels and pull-out handle.

Ideal for family trips out, camping trips, or simply stocking up on frozen and chilled produce, the MQ40W has a generous 39L storage space. Its removable divider will help you to keep all your food neatly organised, while its dual opening lid allows for easy access while keeping cold air in.

This unit has a double fan system for fast and efficient cooling. It can be run off both mains and 12V power with storage for both plugs and cables in a special compartment in the lid. Chill it down to temperature before use at home, then simply wheel it out to your vehicle and plug it in. This portable cool box can cool up to 18 degrees C below the ambient temperature to keep your drinks and food cool all day long.

On the downside, bear in mind that you may need an EU to UK plug adapter to use this product with UK mains electricity. Also, as the wheels are small and smooth, you may find this model to be unsuitable for pulling over soft terrains such as grass or sand.


  • 39L capacity
  • Split lid with double fan cooling
  • Dual voltage system
  • Cools up to 18°C below ambient temperature
  • Cable compartment & dividers


  • May need a plug adapter
  • Wheels could be better designed

AEG Automotive 10695 (Best Small)

Are you looking for the best small electric cool box? The AEG Automotive 10695 will fit right behind your passenger or driver seat for easy access and secure placement, as well as saving you space.

Despite its compact size, this electric cool box has a good 14L capacity which can even accommodate large 2-litre bottles. Specially designed for in-car use, this model is undoubtedly one of the best small electric cool boxes on the market. Aside from cooling your food and drinks down to 19 degrees C below ambient temperature, it can also keep your meals warm when travelling, heating up to 65 degrees C.

Whether you need to keep your food warm or cold, the 10695 cool box ensures high performance that you can rely on. Powered by a 12V car connection, it comes complete with a 1.7m cable to ensure compatibility with a wide range of vehicles. Thanks to its ergonomic grip and sturdy handle, this electric cool box is also easy to carry.

Depending on your circumstances, you may wish to purchase the optional mains voltage converter to use this electric cool box with mains power at home or elsewhere. Also, you may have difficulty getting the 12V cable rolled up and neatly stored inside the small cable compartment. 


  • 14L capacity
  • Keeps contents warm or cold
  • It fits behind car front seats
  • Cools up to 19°C below room temperature
  • Ergonomic grip carry handle


  • May need an optional mains adapter
  • The cable compartment could be larger

Berg 45 (Best Large)

The Berg 45 is the best large cool box in our selection thanks to its high capacity, easy portability and sturdy construction.

Whether you are looking to keep your snacks, food shopping or drinks cold or to keep your takeaways and hot meals warm, the Berg 45 makes an excellent purchase. Its 45L capacity can hold up to 72 standard 330ml cans, giving you plenty of space. Capable of keeping food warm at temperatures up to 65 degrees C or cooling down to 16 degrees below ambient temperature, this electric cool box also has an energy-saving eco mode for extended periods of use.

The Berg 45 comes with two large wheels, making it easy to transport to your vehicle when it’s full – ideal for camping trips. The pull-out folding handles give you a secure, balanced grip on each end for easy lifting. This model is dual voltage, so you can run it off mains power at home and off a 12V supply in your vehicle. The Berg 25 is supplied with an EU 220V, a UK 240V and in-car 12V plugs and cables for safety and ease of use.

Bear in mind that the wheels may be a little fragile with this unit. Also, as it is a large insulated electric cool box, it may be quite heavy to lift when it is full.


  • 45L storage space
  • Cooling & heating function
  • Two wheels & folding handles
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Includes UK, EU & 12V plugs with cables


  • Wheels could be more robust
  • It may be quite heavy when full

VonShef 22 (Best Plug-In)

The VonShef 22 comes complete with a 12V plug and cable for use in your car, caravan or truck. Its simple design, good capacity and affordability make it our best plug-in choice.

Thanks to its generous 22L capacity, this electric cool box has enough space for all of your chilled fresh food shopping or picnic food, snacks and drinks. It can even accommodate a 1.5-litre bottle standing upright. When plugged in with the included 12V plug and lead, this cool box can keep your drinks and snacks as low as 8-12 degrees Celsius

Thanks to its sturdy handle, this portable electric cool box is lightweight and easy to carry. The handle can also be used as a lid lock to ensure that your food and drinks remain at an optimum temperature as well as protect your vehicle’s interior. A cable compartment in the lid helps to ensure that your electric cool box is neat and tidy when not in use.

Unfortunately, this electric cooler may be too noisy for overnight camping if you’re a light sleeper, although you won’t notice during the day when your vehicle is running. If you are looking for an electric cool box to plug into mains power overnight in your home or a hotel, this model may not be the best as there is no plug-in mains lead included. 


  • 22L capacity
  • Temperature range 8-12°C
  • Secure carry handle
  • Locking lid with cable storage
  • Includes 12V DC plug and cable


  • It may be a little noisy
  • It may be less suitable for overnight trips

Dometic Bordbar TB 15 (Best for Cars)

The Dometic Bordbar TB 15 has been specially designed for use in cars with its sleek design and easy-access interior.

Place this thermoelectric cool box on your passenger seat or in the centre of your rear seat; its easy-to-use seat belt fastening system will hold it securely in place. If used in the centre of your back seat, it can also serve as an armrest for your passengers. When you need to open it, the entire top of the unit swings up for unparalleled content access. 

This is one of the best electric cool boxes for cars: it has a good 22L capacity and can even hold 1.5 and 2-litre bottles. Designed to run on 12V systems, it also features active battery security to prevent running down your car battery. Capable of heating up to 65 degrees C above ambient temperature or 20 degrees C below, whether you need to keep your food hot or cold on long car drives, the Bordbar TB 15 is a highly practical and stylish choice.

Unfortunately, as there is no mains adapter included with this model, it may be less suitable for trips with overnight stays indoors. Bear in mind that it may take several hours to cool unless you are adding already chilled foods or have purchased a mains adapter to prechill this unit.


  • 15L capacity
  • Easy seat belt fastening
  • Cooling & heating function
  • Active battery security
  • Fits 1.5 & 2-litre bottles


  • May wish to purchase an adapter for indoor use
  • It could take quite a while to cool fully

Choosing the Best Electric Cool Box

Make sure that you choose the right cool box for your needs with our best cool box buyer’s guide. 


Obviously, the higher the capacity, the more your cool box will be able to hold. However, you should also consider how much space it will take up and the amount of time it will take to cool down. If you don’t really need a large capacity cool box, you may be better off opting for a medium or small cool box that will reach a low temperature more quickly and take up less space. 

Power Source DC/AC

For use in your car or with your leisure batteries when on a camping trip, you’ll want to choose electric cool boxes with a 12V DC plug and cable. These electric coolers can be plugged straight into your vehicle’s 12V power supply. Some dual voltage models will also come with a 230-240V AC plug and cable so that you can also plug your cool box into your mains power socket to prechill or to keep it cool overnight when staying indoors. 


Whether your cool box has a simple cooling fan or cooling and heating functions, the manufacturer should state how many degrees below or above the ambient temperature you can expect it to reach. For example, a cool box that can chill down to 18 degrees below room temperature should be able to maintain an internal minimum temperature of 6 degrees C when it’s 24 degrees in your vehicle or home. 


Even if you are only using your cool box for trips back from the supermarket in hot weather, you’ll still want to make sure that it has a good sturdy carry handle. This is even more important when you want an electric cooler for a camping trip or picnics where you may have to carry it some distance from your vehicle.  

A man holds a cooler while his friends relax on the sand


Ideally, you will want to look out for cool boxes with a snug firing, lockable lid. A tight lid with a good seal will help to keep the cod in and the heat out. What’s more, having a lockable lid will ensure that your food and drinks stay safely inside your cool box rather than spoiling your car interior. 

Extra Features

Some of the following extra features could make your electric cool box a better choice for your needs.

  • Wheels – a must for large capacity electric cool boxes. Otherwise, you may struggle to transport your cool box when it’s full.
  • Temperature control panel – the best cool boxes allow you to set the mode and temperature control.
  • Eco mode – a handy energy-saving feature, using eco mode allows your electric cool box to cycle on and off as needed to maintain your desired temperature rather than running continuously at maximum cooling power. 
  • Battery protection –  for regular use in your car, a model with battery protection makes a great choice, so you won’t have to worry about running your battery flat if you run your cool box when your engine is switched off. 
  • Storage cable compartment – handy for keeping your cool box leads and plugs to hand wherever you are.
  • Removable divider – this feature is an excellent way to keep your cool box for camping organised.

The Best Way to Use an Electric Cool Box

To ensure that you get the most out of your electric cool box, make sure that you are using yours correctly. Here’s how to keep your food and drinks refreshingly cold in an electric cool box. 

Prechill Your Cool Box Before Use

Otherwise, you could potentially wait hours for it to come down to a cool temperature. Ideally, you should plug it in at home to cool down before your trip. Prechilling your cool box will improve its cooling performance.

Prechill Your Items 

Putting warm drinks or food in your electric cool box will mean it takes longer and uses even more energy to bring temperatures down. You may have to wait several hours or longer for a basic electric coolbox to chill your drinks for you, which may not be feasible if you’re not taking a long trip. 

Open Less Frequently

Every time you open your electric coolbox, you allow warmer air to enter, which will raise the internal temperature. Try to open your cooler box only when it’s necessary. Otherwise, leave it tightly closed and enjoy your extra cold drinks and snacks when you arrive at your destination. 

Friends with a cooler of beer on roof

Choosing the Right Cool Box

An electric cool box is a really useful item to have, enabling you to safely transport chilled produce when shopping over summer, as well as enjoy cool drinks and snacks when you’re away from home, be it for the day or a couple of nights. Are you still wondering which is the best electric cool box to go for? Our editor’s choice, the Mobicool MT48W, is by far one of the best thermoelectric coolers on the market.

The MT48W has a generous 48L capacity and can even fit large two-litre bottles upright. It has a dual voltage system so you can use it on mains power and in your vehicle. Its wheels, pull-out handles, and dual side handles are also easy to transport even when fully loaded. All in all, you won’t find a better model for the money.

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