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How to Dispose of a Microwave in the UK – With a Clear Conscience

Do you need to get rid of your microwave? Maybe you’re having a kitchen refit and are replacing your current microwave with an integrated model, or possibly your old microwave has just given up the ghost.

Whatever your reason for wanting or needing to throw it away, you’re sure to find the best solution for your circumstances below. Here are seven tried and tested ways how to dispose of a microwave responsibly in the UK.

Donate Your Microwave

Provided your microwave is still in good working order, donating it is one of the most responsible methods of microwave disposal. When you donate your microwave to a charity shop, you’re not only cutting back on e-waste, you’re also supporting various good causes.

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Before you consider sending your old microwave for recycling, ring up your local charity shop and see if they would like to accept it. While not all charity shops will accept electrical goods, a fair number do. Thanks to the low prices in charity shops, this is also a good way to help people in your local community who may be struggling on a tight budget.   

Sell Your Microwave

If your microwave is clean and still in good condition, you could sell it and put the cash towards a new one or some new kitchen accessories. While you probably won’t get a lot of money for it, selling your microwave is a good way to avoid creating extra electrical waste.

You could advertise your used microwave online to find a local buyer. Other options include taking out a small ad in a local paper or putting up a notice in your local supermarket or shop. 

Give Away Your Appliances

Another more generous way to dispose of your microwave is simply to give it away. You may not always find a taker for your unwanted appliances. However, you never know. Before you send your unwanted microwave off for recycling, ask around your family and friends.

Students or friends and relatives setting up their homes may appreciate the offer of a free microwave. Plus, there’s always the chance that someone you know may need to replace their broken microwave. You could also advertise your appliance as going for free using the same methods as you would advertise it for sale.

Repair Your Appliances

Alternatively, if your appliance is under warranty or in otherwise good condition but not working, you could consider sending it for repair. Unfortunately, sometimes repairing old appliances can amount to more than replacing them. However, if it is just a simple fix, such as replacing a fuse, you could be pleasantly surprised. 

Contact your microwave’s manufacturer if it is still within the warranty period. If not, check out any local approved repair shops and ask if they would be willing to take a look at your appliance so you can get an accurate quote. Repairing is always a better option for the environment than getting rid of your appliances.

Local Recycling Centre

If your old microwave oven is no longer in working condition and repairing it isn’t really an option, you should take it to your nearest household waste recycling centre. There should be one within a short driving distance. If you are uncertain where to take your microwave oven for appliance disposal, contact your local council to find out the exact address of your local recycling centre. 

Recycling microwave ovens ensure that their components and materials go on to be reused, helping to cut down on the amount of electronic waste that we produce and send to landfills year after year. Recycling can also help to combat climate change. Make sure that you pay close attention to the signs at the tip to get the correct recycling bin for electronic equipment.

Council Appliance Removal

If you are struggling to dispose of your broken or unwanted appliances, you can contact your local council to arrange for the collection of your item. This can be especially useful if you do not have a car, are unavailable during your local recycling centre’s opening hours or would struggle to carry your old microwave oven.

Call your local government office to inquire about picking up your microwave oven for electronic recycling, as timescales for pickups vary significantly from one area to another. Some councils may charge a fee in advance for this service. 

Organise Appliance Delivery Pick Up

If you are still considering replacing your microwave with a new one, see if you can get your old one collected for recycling by the same company delivering your new appliance. 

Not only does this mean that you can get your microwave oven properly recycled with practically no effort on your behalf, but it also means that you can make use of your old microwave right up until its replacement arrives. Not all electrical appliance companies provide this service to all locations, so make enquiries online or in person before you buy. 

A Good Citizen’s Decision

While there are much bulkier household appliances that are more difficult to dispose of, unfortunately, huge numbers of microwave ovens are added to the millions of tonnes of electrical waste created each year. That’s why it is important to learn how to dispose of a microwave in the UK.

Ensure that you do the right thing for the planet and society by recycling your old microwave, either by taking it to a recycling centre or getting it picked up. You could also try donating, selling, or passing it on, which all have the additional benefit of helping someone else along the way and being the best form of microwave recycling.

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