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Best Ice Makers of 2022

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Top 10 Best Ice Makers

  1. NETTA Stainless Steel (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Frigidaire EFIC206 (Luxury Choice)
  3. iceQ Compact 1.7L (Best Value)
  4. Andrew James Compact (Best Portable)
  5. FOOING R600a Black (Best Self-Cleaning)
  6. Cooks Professional Red (Best Coloured)
  7. EUHOMY Silver 22kg (Best Silent)
  8. Duronic ICM120 12kg (Best Fast)
  9. COSTWAY Portable 2.2L (Best Compact)
  10. VonShef 2000016 Stylish (Best Easy to Operate)

Why buy ice from the store when you can make it in your kitchen? We’ve compiled this list of the top ice cube makers on the market so you can skip the hassle of heading to the shops to get some ready-made ice cubes for your next cocktail party at home!

When you choose one of these top-quality appliances, you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality ice cubes whenever you want, without having to make them yourself by placing the good old ice cube tray in your freezer.

With that in mind, let’s look at the best ice maker in the UK list and our buyer’s guide. By the end of this article, you should have a clearer idea of an ice machine’s main features and therefore be able to select the perfect one for your needs. Read on!

How We Compared Ice Makers

To find the right ice makers we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Water capacity
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Production time
  • Production capacity
  • Ice cube shape and size
  • Noise

Our team researched a wide range of products, comparing their features against the points above and meticulously fact-checking customer reviews. The following list is the result of a careful selection of ice makers that would suit any kitchen enthusiast’s needs.

Discover more about our process here.

Ice Maker Reviews

NETTA Stainless Steel (Editor’s Choice)

Whether you’re looking to replace your old ice maker or purchase one for the first time, the NETTA ice maker machine is an excellent option.

With an overall water tank capacity of 1.8 litres, this electric ice cube maker gets high-quality ice cubes. It can give you up to 2lbs of ice cubes in as fast as 10 minutes and up to 12kg of ice cubes per day without the need for plumbing.

The NETTA ice maker machine is also equipped with automatic sensors that indicate when it needs refilling, and it has a convenient viewing window, so you know what’s going on inside!

It’s worth mentioning that this ice cube maker is ideal for parties, picnics, iced tea, lemonade, cocktails, and more! This ice cube machine is also equipped with an ice basket and spoon.

On the other hand, this electric ice maker falls short in terms of durability. Also, cleaning it can be quite challenging for novice users since the instruction manual is quite vague.


  • Transparent window for convenient viewing
  • It has a removable ice basket and scooper
  • East to clean and use
  • Portable
  • Boasts of a quiet operation


  • It may fall short when it comes to durability
  • Cleaning it can be pretty challenging for novice users

Frigidaire EFIC206 (Luxury Choice)

Next on the best ice maker UK stores have to offer is the Frigidaire EFIC206 which features a sizeable see-through window for process monitoring and ice level checking.

This ice maker has a compressor cooling system to keep those temps down and make sure you can always enjoy perfectly frozen ice. It can produce 26lbs of ice per 24 hours.

With a choice of 2 ice sizes and a removable ice bucket capacity of 1.2kg, this high-performance appliance will meet all your expectations when it comes to serving up cold refreshments at your next party or event. On the downside, the basket might be a bit too small if you need to produce a large number of ice cubes.


  • Produces ice cubes in six minutes
  • It comes with a large transparent window
  • Makes bullet-shaped ice cubes in two different sizes
  • It comes with a removable ice bin and scoop
  • It uses indicator lights to notify instead of beeps


  • Some users may find its water reservoir to be quite small
  • The ice basket is relatively small

iceQ Compact 1.7L (Best Value)

Designed for maximum practicality in size and usability, this ice cube maker is equipped with many functions to please the most discerning user.

At the push of a button, this ice cube maker creates nine ice cubes at a time, every ten minutes, until you run out of water or space in the 900-gram capacity tray.

When either condition has been met, the machine beeps loudly to alert you that it needs attention – but don’t worry because there’s also an LCD screen displaying this information.

Moreover, its compact design allows it to fit on any worktop seamlessly. And no plumbing is required when it comes to using the iceQ Compact ice maker. With that in mind, note that this ice cube maker comes with a lid that has a transparent window that helps monitor the ice-making process.

Last but not least, the iceQ Compact ice maker machine comes in an elegant black colour that will sit well with any kitchen interior. Also, it’s equipped with a detachable ice bin and ice scoop for added convenience.


  • It comes with a 1.7l water tank
  • Compact and user friendly
  • Easy to use
  • It comes with an easy to use control panel
  • Has a small transparent window


  • Some may find it less convenient since its operation can be quite noisy
  • Draining water from this ice maker can be quite challenging

Andrew James Compact (Best Portable)

When it comes to the best portable ice makers on the market, the Andrew James ice machine is an excellent choice. This ice-cube maker offers reliability and efficiency in one stylish package. It has a 2.2L tank and can make up to 15kg of ice per day and large and small bullet-shaped cubes in just 10 minutes.

The Andrew James ice cube maker is equipped with advanced refrigeration technology that includes a quiet low-noise compressor that takes care of the cooling so you can enjoy making fresh batches without any worry about the noise.

For added convenience, it comes with indicator lights and an automatic shutoff function when there’s no water or when the ice container is full. Last but not least, this ice maker comes with an ice scoop and an ice bucket.

On the other hand, some users might not settle for this option as it may produce hollow ice bullets instead of traditional cubes. Moreover, its draining plug may be prone to leakage.


  • Makes ice cubes in less than ten minutes
  • It comes with an overall capacity of 2.2 litres
  • Easy to use control panel
  • No drainage or plumbing required
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Some users may find the ice cubes to be quite hollow
  • This ice maker may be prone to leakage

FOOING R600a Black (Best Self-Cleaning)

It all depends on the ambience you’re looking for when it comes to choosing which kitchen appliance to buy. If you’re after something sleek and sophisticated, there is nothing like FOOING’s ice maker to match your modern or classic decor. With their black surface, these appliances blend seamlessly with any style scheme.

This countertop ice maker boasts of a quick ice making process that allows you to enjoy fresh ice cubes in approximately 6 minutes and up to 15kg of ice in 24hours

It comes with an easy-to-use LED display that allows one to choose between large and small ice cubes. Also, the indicator lights on the display will always light up when you’re required to refill the 2l water tank or remove extra ice cubes from the ice bin.

That said, it’s worth mentioning that this ice cube maker is equipped with a thick foam layer that ensures an excellent insulation effect which ensures that you don’t end up with melted ice cubes within 5-8 hours at normal temp.

Thanks to the self-cleaning function, cleaning this ice maker is a very straightforward task. The best part about this appliance is that its refrigeration system allows for a low noise, which means less distracting sound during the ice-making process.

So if you’re in the market for the best ice machine, the FOOING ice market should be your go-to option.


  • Water tank capacity of 2 litres
  • It comes with an insulated ice bucket
  • The labelled control panel is easy to use
  • Equipped with a large transparent window
  • Easy to clean thanks to its self-cleaning function


  • Some users may find its ice cubes to be relatively small
  • It may have a noisy operation

Cooks Professional Red (Best Coloured)

The Cooks professional ice maker is an exceptional addition to any home kitchen. With its small, space-saving design, this appliance can fit in well next to a fridge or freezer and look great. What’s even better about it is that it saves you precious counter space and saves you time!

With its space-saving design, no plumbing installation, and easy access controls, this ice maker allows you to make up to eight ice cubes (depending on the size of the ice cube selected) within 6 minutes without worrying about running out too quickly.

And then there are those two sizes of cubes: regular ones if you’re trying to keep things really chilled for drinks like beer or soda and then larger ones that will work well for entertaining guests during hot summer days where refreshments are aplenty!

So whether you’re looking to replace your old ice maker or planning to get one for the first time, Cooks Professional is the best ice cube maker UK stores have to offer.


  • It can be used to make both large and small ice cubes
  • Its water tank has an overall capacity of 2.2 litres
  • Easy to use
  • Available in different colourways
  • No complex installation required


  • Some users may find its operation to be relatively slow
  • It might be prone to breakage

EUHOMY Silver 22kg (Best Silent)

The Euhomy Ice Maker is a sleek and modern looking machine that will look great in any kitchen. It has a stainless steel finish, which makes it both stylish and durable.

There are three different sizes of cubes to choose from, depending on what you’re planning on using them for. So if you’re making juice or smoothies, you’ll want the smaller sized cubes. But if your goal is just to pop some cold water into your favourite cocktail glass, it’s best to use the larger sized ones instead.

This ice maker also comes with a built-in timer, so no matter how long it takes to make your ice, as soon as it’s done, it will stop automatically.

Its also equipped with a water bottle function that allows one to fit a 4.5l bottle of mineral water at the top of the unit. Keep in mind that this also increases the water tank capacity to 8l. This helps eliminate the need for regular refilling of water into the reservoir.

The control panel of this stainless steel ice maker is also fitted with indicator lights that turn on once the ice bucked is filled to capacity. Or water refilling is required. Moreover, it’s also equipped with a delayed timer that allows you to preset the time when it should start making ice cubes.


  • It comes with an automatic self-cleaning preset
  • Make different ice cube sizes
  • Easy to view large transparent window
  • Energy efficient
  • Durable thanks to its stainless steel body


  • Some users may find its ice cubes to be quite small
  • Its noisy operation may not sit well with some users

Duronic ICM120 12kg (Best Fast)

When the sun is beaming down its heat on us with no respite in sight, we all long for a cold drink. At times like these, when you’re constantly running out of ice cubes, or every time you go to grab some, they’re all gone – it feels impossible. But there’s actually a solution to this problem – The Duronic ICM120 countertop ice maker.

Quietly churning in the background, this ice maker makes nine ice cubes at a time. With elegant simplicity and reliability to match, this ice maker is sure to please those who value great aesthetics and performance.

What sets this ice-maker apart from all others is its seamless incorporation of modern design without sacrificing utility. The straightforward soft-touch control panel has been streamlined for ease of use, giving you access to three display options: Ice Making, Add Water, and Ice Full.

Its touch screen technology ensures the surface stays clean and free from grime, with no need for physical buttons to get caught on dirt or jamming up over time.

It’s worth mentioning that the Duronic ICM120 also comes with an easy to view transparent lid and ice scoop. And a drain plug on the bottom of the appliance that allows you to empty excess water in the tank.


  • It comes with a drain plug
  • It has a stylish compact countertop design
  • Easy to use touch control panel
  • Producing ice in approximately 7minutes
  • Equipped with a basket full and empty sensor


  • Ice making process can be quite noisy
  • The lack of insulation around the ice bucket may not sit well with some users

COSTWAY Portable 2.2L (Best Compact)

During the warm weather, how do you prefer your drink? This machine can make anything frosty, from a cocktail to an iced tea.

It might not look like much, but when it comes to making fresh ice cubes in just minutes, the COSTWAY is a small ice-making machine that will quickly become your new favourite kitchen appliance without taking up too much space on your counter.

Control-wise, this domestic ice maker comes with an easy to use control panel with indicator lights that light up when the ice cubes are ready. Or when the water reservoir requires a refill. Also, the panel is equipped with two buttons that allow you to select the size of cubes depending on how fast or slow you need your ice cubes.

This compact ice maker is also equipped with a large viewing window that allows one to monitor the ice making process without having to halt or stop the cycle. This ice cube making machine comes with a removable ice bin and ice scoop that makes serving the ice cubes a straightforward task.

So if you’re in the market for the best ice making machine UK stores have to offer, which is also compact in size, then the COSTWAY portable ice maker machine should be your go-to option.


  • Makes both small and large ice cubes
  • It comes in a portable and compact design
  • It has a removable ice basket and scoop
  • Available in 4 different colour options
  • Energy saving


  • Its cloudy ice cubes may not sit well with some users
  • This ice maker may not withstand the test of time

VonShef 2000016 Stylish (Best Easy to Operate)

If you’re looking for a sleek, dependable, and reliable home ice making machine, look no further than the VonShef Electric ice maker machine.

With an overall capacity of 2.1 litres of water, this ice machine boasts a fast operation that allows it to make ice cubes in approximately ten minutes.

Control-wise the VonShef electric ice maker machine comes with an easy to use soft push-button control panel that allows one to choose the size of the bullet-shaped ice cubes. Furthermore, it’s also equipped with indicator lights that detect when there is a water shortage or ice cubes on the removable basket.

The VonShef ice cube maker also comes with a removable basket and scoop spoon that facilitates an easy serving of ice cubes.

Despite being one of the best ice cube makers in the UK, the VonShef ice cube maker machine may not sit well with some since it tends to be quite noisy.


  • It has a quick and efficient ice making process
  • The water tank has an overall capacity of 2.1L
  • No plumbing required
  • Easy to use control panel
  • It makes both small and large bullet-shaped cubes


  • This ice maker might have a noisy operation
  • Some users may find cleaning this ice maker to be quite challenging

What to Look For Before Buying an Ice Maker Machine

If you’re looking to purchase an ice maker, consider several factors before making your final choice—these range from the size of the machine to the controls and aesthetics of the model.

By taking these variables into account ahead of time, you can ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible for your money. And that you’re purchasing something that will suit your needs both now and in the future.


a scoop of cubes

It’s easy to forget that ice makers are like mini-fridges or small freezers, so you want one with enough space to fit enough ice for your needs. Always try and buy in line with how much you expect it will produce on a daily basis.

If you think you need two bags a day, it’s probably better to buy something that can hold a couple of days worth of frozen water instead of going for one that can only make five or six at a time.

Type of Ice

Are you thinking about buying an ice maker? You’ll want first to consider the type of ice cubes you’d like your machine to produce.

Options range from small cubes perfect for mixed drinks to large blocks that make great coolers or crushed (or cracked) ice, ideal for frozen cocktails. More than anything else, how you plan on using your machine will determine which type of ice you choose.

Shape of Ice

There are two main types of ice-maker shapes: square and cube. You may want to select one based on your preference.

If you love your drinks cold but not too frozen, then a cubic shape is probably best for you. However, a bullet-shaped design would work better if you prefer your drinks completely frozen or want perfectly shaped ice in your cocktails.

No matter what type of maker you go with, make sure it has at least 1 pound per cycle capacity since that’s usually sufficient for household needs.

Noise Level

An ice maker’s noise level is a major factor. If you’re looking for a machine that can be used both day and night, pay attention to how noisy it is. While some machines make less noise than others, they generally all need to be placed away from bedrooms or quiet spaces for peace.

Some models have extra insulated walls that help block out sound; however, those features won’t matter if you’re only planning to use your ice maker machine during daytime hours and not for long. The noise level in these machines ranges anywhere from under 50 decibels (dB) up to around 80 dB, with most falling somewhere between 60-70 dB.


Many ice makers feature a cleaning cycle that uses high-pressure water to blast through clogs and removes impurities.

A drip tray at the bottom is also a good idea so all those icy drips don’t make their way to your countertop.

Don’t forget about aesthetics: if you plan on placing your ice maker on a kitchen countertop, you’ll want something that matches well with your décor!

Control Panel

making cubes by using a new appliance

When selecting your ideal ice maker, it’s always wise to consider the type of control panel it comes with. Keep in mind that the control panel should clearly indicate the different functions of each appliance.

So if you’re going for a basic unit, ensure the control panel is equipped with an on/off function, water indicator and ice cube indicator lights. At the same time, a sophisticated model can come with more functions that allow one to choose different sizes of ice cubes, including an auto-clean function or even a delayed timer.

How the Machine Stores the Cubes

Consider a model that stores ice cubes in a bin if you’re looking for a smaller machine. You can put some ice cubes back into your refrigerator and reuse them instead of discarding them after they’ve melted.

Large machines that store cubes in trays don’t have that option, so once they make cubes, those are lost forever. If you only need to produce small amounts of ice at home—say one or two cups at a time—then storing them in a small bin is fine.

Choosing the Right Ice Maker

So there you have it, the best ice maker in the UK list. If we’re to select an overall winner from the above ice maker reviews, we will settle for our Editor’s choice, the NETTA Stainless Steel ice maker machine.

This ice cube maker will do everything you need it to. The easily accessible water reservoir allows you to make ice cubes without the hassle of connecting external plumbing. Moreover, it also comes with an ice cube basket and a scoop spoon, which makes serving the ice cubes an easy task.

What do you think about our Editor’s choice? Does it fulfil all your needs, or are you considering some other options? Let us know and share your thoughts below!

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