what can you make in a waffle maker

What Can You Make in a Waffle Maker From Breakfast to Dessert

We’ve all fallen prey to being extremely enthusiastic about a certain food item at one time or another and bought all the paraphernalia related to it, only to find that the equipment takes up cupboard space and doesn’t get used. At the same time, you move on to the next craze. Well, the waffle maker is probably one of those items.

Hot, homemade waffles are wonderful, with maple syrup or whipped cream. But, to get the most from having a waffle iron at home, wouldn’t it be great to have a whole repertoire of recipes that you can make in one, rather than only being used once in a while for a lovely sweet treat?

So, what can you make in a waffle maker other than waffles? There are all sorts of waffle iron recipes that you can try, many of them savoury, that are bound to impress your family. A waffle maker can double as a panini press, grill, or petite worktop oven, making it a flexible piece of kitchen appliance. Want to know more? Read this page for more fantastic recipe ideas!

Before You Start

Before you start cooking, it is good to prepare and ensure that you have the required equipment and all the ingredients from your recipe.

You will need your waffle irons, but a paper towel and cooking spray or olive oil will help you prepare the waffle maker so that your food comes out with a crispy texture and doesn’t stick. Spray or pour some oil onto the waffle iron and wipe it around, so no spots are missed.

Savoury Ideas

Have you not used your waffle iron much because you are more of a savoury food kind of a person? If so, we have some fantastic recipe ideas for savoury food that will have you using it more in no time.


A waffle iron lends itself to breakfast ideas — and they don’t have to be necessarily sweet. Think waffle iron omelettes or hash browns, something to get your taste buds going in the morning!

Hash Browns

Cooking a hash brown in a waffle iron takes around ten minutes on high heat and gives you a gorgeously crispy breakfast accompaniment. You need a grated potato squeezed out to remove excess moisture and a little salt and pepper to the season for this recipe. Place a handful in the waffle iron per hash brown, and then enjoy with your favourite eggs or bacon!

Omelette Waffles

An omelette waffle is a perfect recipe for using up eggs and avoiding carbohydrates if you are on a low-carb diet. These waffles can be frozen and warmed back up, making them a convenient breakfast option. Just mix eggs and cheese (parmesan is perfect), but you can use cheddar cheese if not chopped up mushrooms, herbs, and seasoning. Why not try these with bacon for a great brunch dish?


This is another great recipe for eggs and using up any ingredients you may have in the fridge. Just as you would mix up ingredients that you add to a frittata, it is the same with this recipe. Things like chopped up peppers, onions, potatoes, cheese, and bacon go perfectly in these frittaffles! Cook till golden and delicious, and maybe serve with baked beans for an added element on the plate.

Grilled Cheese and Jam Breakfast Waffles

a breakfast meal rich in carbohydrates

There is no end to the combinations you can make on this theme. Pour the waffle batter into the machine and cook two waffles. Once cooked, place shredded cheese onto one half of the waffle and place the other one on top. When you are melting the cheese, you can butter the outer sides of the waffles to give them that crispy toasted sandwich feels. Once the cheese has melted, take it out and open it up to add the jam inside. You can try any melting cheese or replace the jam with tomato chutney for different tastes.

Light Meals

Waffles can make a filling light meal or a quick snack rather than just being something you have on the side of a dish, so next time you are short on lunchtime or light evening meal ideas, why not turn to your waffle iron?

Mac and Cheese Waffles

Who would have thought that mac and cheese could be waffled? Surprisingly, this heaven combo certainly can! Make up your usual recipe and place everything in a pre-oiled and heated waffle maker. The outside will become crusty and delicious, with the inside remaining soft and gooey with cheese. This makes a perfect accompaniment to a bowl of tomato soup!


Chaffles are great if you are on a low-carb diet and want to avoid bread intake but still bring a great flavour and texture to your meal. The main ingredients in these waffles are eggs and cheese, to which you can add other ingredients. However, be careful when cooking, as the batter can often ooze out the edges of your waffle maker.

You can make a garlic bread version of a chaffle by adding coconut flour, garlic powder and baking powder to your mix and in a separate bowl, making up a tasty garlic butter to smear over the top once cooked. This is perfect with pasta or dips into your favourite marinara sauce!

Polenta Waffle

This is an ideal light meal recipe, and gone are the days when you have to spend half an hour mixing the polenta on the stove. Instead, if you buy ready-made polenta and place slices onto the waffle maker, you can cover it with some tomatoes, courgette, and cheese and grill until it is bubbling and golden. A polenta waffle is an ideal side to pork chops or fried chicken!


There are some fantastic recipes for main waffle meals, perfect for game day or when you have friends or family around and want something with great flavour but is quick and easy to make. If you want to spice up any of the following waffle iron recipes, try adding a splash of hot sauce to them.

Crab Cakes

Who would have thought you could make crab cake waffles? You can if you have a light touch and don’t overcook them! This recipe uses almond flour, crab meat, an egg, and seasonings such as salt and pepper, parsley, onion, and garlic powder. You have to mix all ingredients and then place a spoonful of the mixture to cook in the waffle iron.

Pizza Waffles

Why not use your waffle iron to create a pizza? Either make or purchase pizza dough, mix your pizza sauce, cheese, and favourite toppings through and place in the waffle maker, cook the dough until crispy, and then dip it into the pizza sauce and melted cheese!

Mashed Potato Waffles

These waffles are perfect for using up leftovers and are delicious! Take mashed potatoes and chicken from your roast dinner the night before and mix them with any chopped vegetables. Broccoli works well in this recipe. Add together with cheese, an egg, flour, and seasoning and cook until crunchy and golden.

Sweet Treats

There are many delicious recipes for sweet treats; you can either make the batter or mixture sweet or use a topping to give you the sugar and flavour hit you crave. Or, if it is one of those indulgent days, you can do both!

French Toast

A French toast is fantastic if made in a waffle iron. You can soak the bread in cinnamon and eggs beforehand and cook it until it is wonderfully crispy. All you have to do then is to add all of your favourite toppings and drizzle the French toast with syrup or dust with powdered sugar.


You can also make cookies in a waffle iron. Make or purchase some cookie dough, add chocolate chips for texture and sweetness, and let them cook until golden. Ensure that you don’t have the waffle iron on too hot as they can burn easily. Once cooked, leave them to cool, as they come out with a soft texture, like waffles, but as they cool, they become crunchy and great for dunking in a hot chocolate or glass of milk!


Another option on the theme of cookies is the snickerdoodle. It is similar to a cookie and is usually rolled in cinnamon sugar before cooking, but as the waffle iron gets so hot, it is important not to do this as the sugar would burn. Instead, you can drizzle a wonderful cream cheese glaze over the top for the ultimate indulgent treat.

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls couldn’t be easier done in a waffle maker. You put the rolls into the waffle maker once heated and cook for a few minutes. Then, take out and drizzle with icing, and you have the perfect breakfast or sweet treat!

Food for Thought

A waffle maker is a versatile device and earns its place in your kitchen cupboard. You can turn a lot of things into a waffle form, and it is a great and healthy way of eating as you use very little fat in any recipe.

Interestingly, a waffle is a perfect way to use leftovers, so you no longer waste food from your previous meal. Mashed potatoes mixed with leftover meat and vegetables and some cheese make for a delicious and wholesome meal! You can make any waffle recipe more filling by adding grilled cheese or sour cream as a topping. Suppose you feel the waffle vibe. Why not follow it with a dessert of cookies or French toast?

Each recipe takes just a matter of minutes to cook and is just what busy households need for midweek mealtimes! So why not dust off your waffle maker from the kitchen cupboard and get creative with the many recipe ideas? You might surprise yourself with the tasty combinations you can create!

We hope this article helped you with simple meals you can make in a waffle maker question by now! We are delighted to provide you with some fantastic waffle iron recipes to get you thinking of your favourite ingredients and combinations. We know you’re itching to get started with them right away once you have your waffle maker appliance. So get yours now!

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