how to make iced coffee with instant coffee

Easy Recipe: How to Make Iced Coffee with Instant Coffee

Many coffee enthusiasts enjoy the convenience of instant coffee in the morning. Making iced coffee isn’t all that hard if you have the right recipe, so if you fancy coffee with ice rather than your usual hot cup with milk or creamer, you should try our guide on how to make iced coffee with instant coffee.

The good thing about iced coffee is that its colder temperature makes it a perfectly refreshing drink during summer. And because instant coffee is typically a form of freeze-dried coffee that doesn’t require brewing or filtering, it can be made immediately. What’s more, it will taste just as great as your regular brewed cup option.

Let’s take a look at instant coffee recipes for the quickest cup of iced java or latte.

How to Make Instant Iced Coffee

Coffee is an incredibly good beverage to have for a quick caffeine fix at any time of the day. Many people were introduced to regular hot coffee. However, this has quickly changed over the years; if you still fancy your cuppa on a hot summer morning but are not keen on having a hot drink, there’s a solution.

The only way this is possible is by having a cup of cold coffee. Think of iced coffee as coffee on the rocks. The thought of using instant coffee may not be the first thing you think of when you want iced coffee – although it might depend on your personal taste. But you can always give it a try, and when in a pinch, you do not have to forego your cup of java.

Read on for a proper breakdown of how to make homemade iced coffee using just instant coffee.


  • Instant coffee granules
  • 1/3 cup of coffee creamer
  • 2/3 cup of chilled water
  • Ice or ice cubes
  • Simple syrup (optional)
  • Brown or white sugar
  • Warm water (optional)
  • Any milk of your choice (optional)


  • A glass
  • Spoon

Step 1: Mix the Coffee Grounds and the Creamer

The first step to making your iced coffee is mixing your instant coffee granules and the creamer.

Add one to two tablespoonfuls of your instant coffee grounds to the 1/3 cup of creamer in a glass. Make sure to stir properly to incorporate all the coffee into the creamer.

All your coffee should mix and dissolve into the creamer. But do not be discouraged if there is still a bit of undissolved coffee in your mix.

Step 2: Add Water

Add 2/3 cup of cold water to the glass with your coffee and creamer mixture, then stir to dissolve the coffee.

Depending on how dense or light you want your coffee, you can add or reduce the amount of water. Ensure you stir continuously until all the coffee is dissolved and incorporated into the water: this might take some time because cold water takes longer to absorb and dissolve coffee than hot water, so keep stirring this simple combination.

You can also add a dash of oat milk or any milk of your choice!

Step 3: Add Ice

With the cream and coffee dissolved in the cold water, it’s time to add the ice or ice cubes. Before adding the ice, make sure there is enough room in your glass for the ice without the coffee spilling everywhere.

And that’s it! You can now enjoy your perfect iced coffee.

How to Make Iced Latte With Instant Coffee

If you ask any coffee expert about lattes, they will tell you that the best coffee to use when making a latte is freshly ground coffee beans. However, instant coffee grounds can be a perfect solution now and again, especially when in a rush.

Iced lattes are not a new concept, but they are an acquired taste. If you are open to this adventure, here we go. Here is the perfect instant iced latte recipe.


  • One teaspoon of instant coffee granules (decaf coffee granules work too!)
  • One teaspoon of sweetener of your choice (Brown sugar, coconut sugar or liquid sweetener)
  • 12 oz milk of your choice
  • A handful of ice cubes


  • Two tall glasses or a mason jar
  • Two spoons

Step 1: The Coffee and Sweetener

In a tall glass or mason jar, add your instant coffee. (The amount depends on how strong you like your coffee). Add your sweetener of choice and mix.

If you use a liquid sweetener, stir to form a sweetener/coffee paste.

If you use a granulated sweetener base like brown sugar, stir the coffee and sweetener until they are well incorporated.

Step 2: Mix with Milk

Pouring milk into a glass of arabica

Add the 12 oz of milk to your coffee and sweetener compound and stir to mix. Ensure all coffee is well mixed and diluted into the milk. You can adjust the recipe and add more milk (or less) according to your taste!

Step 4: Foaming

Start the foaming process once all the coffee is mixed and diluted into the milk. You can continue stirring until you see foam on the surface.

Alternatively, you can use a foam former or frother or shake your mason jar. If you opt to stir or shake, you need to do this for six to eight minutes to see proper results.

Step 5: Transfer

To another clean glass, add a handful of ice or as desired. Pour the mixed latte over the ice. During this step, make sure you use a spoon.

Pour the coffee into the glass of ice using the back of the spoon to transfer the foam.

How to Add Flavour to Your Iced Coffee

Adding some spices and herbs can give your iced coffee some extra flavour. Try with cinnamon or cardamom and a sweetener like honey or agave nectar for a refreshing, zesty drink.

There are many options to choose from when experimenting with different flavours; be creative and have fun!

You can also add in your favourite cold-brew coffee concentrate. This will get you an extra shot of caffeine, and you won’t have to worry about adding ice or water, as it has already been done for you.

Here are some flavour ideas for you to try:

  • Lavender: Lavender is a delicate herb that can be tricky to find in stores, but try making lavender iced coffee with it if you ever come across it! It adds a nice floral touch.
  • Cacao Nibs: If you want something more prosperous and more chocolatey, adding cacao nibs is definitely for you. Many people prefer white chocolate over regular milk chocolate, so try white cacao nibs instead.
  • Rose Water: For a sweet, aromatic alternative, try adding rose water. This flowery flavouring has been used for years and adds a nice floral vibe to your drink. Make sure you choose organic, non-GMO dried rosebuds, and make sure you remove any plastic or paper from them before adding it to your drink. You can also buy pre-made rose water. Don’t use fresh roses or flowers, as they have no flavour or fragrance.
  • Any other flavouring: If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something completely new, you can use any other flavouring of choice, like hazelnut or caramel syrup.

The possibilities are endless! It could be anything from lavender-infused honey or vanilla extract – don’t let your imagination hold you back.

Make sure that whatever flavourings you choose are non-GMO, organic, and pure. You will be using the liquid, so they mustn’t be contaminated with pesticides or other harmful chemicals. Make sure all produce is also pesticide-free.

Even if you’re making non-dairy iced coffee, it would be best to use organic. For example, coconut milk, soy milk, and almond milk are good alternatives for your non-dairy coffee.

Make sure you read the ingredient labels before buying. Look for brands with minimal ingredients like coconut milk instead of coconut cream concentrate or something similar, as it will just have more additives.

If you’re vegan or lactose-intolerant, you can also extract your nut milk with a slow juicer yourself. This can save you extra cost compared to pre-made nut milk, and you get fresh, pure products that way.

All the tips above guarantee you the best iced coffee recipe.

Storing Instant Coffee Granules

In terms of storing instant coffee, rest assured that you can buy as little or as much as you want from your local grocery store and not worry about having too much leftover at home.

Instant coffee typically comes in small, single-serve packets. If you have an airtight storing jar, it will still last for years without losing quality or freshness. Some may get bigger bags of instant coffee for a good value, but the only downside is that it can take up some space in their kitchen cabinets or pantry if they do.

It doesn’t matter how much instant coffee you buy because it should last for an extended period, even once opened. If you just wanted one packet per month (for example), you could always order a good amount and keep what’s left unopened until next month when you need more.

An Easy Iced Coffee Recipe For You

And that is how to make iced coffee with instant coffee. As you can see, it’s a swift and easy solution for your caffeine fix, even on a hot day! If you regularly drink iced coffee or cold brew with instant coffee but are always running short on time, try the above recipes and follow our tips on making an iced latte or iced coffee at home using instant coffee.

It’s worth mentioning that when following any instant iced coffee recipe, you can incorporate different creamers into your wonderful creation or play around with flavours like cinnamon or chocolate.

Let us know which instant iced coffee recipe works best for you, and leave a comment below sharing your tips if you have any!

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